European Flight Delay Compensation

Had a flight delay at any time in the the last 6 years?

Contact us now to claim back your compensation of between Euros 250 and Euros 600.

Delayed Flight Compensation


Flight Delay Compensation

Contact us now to find out if you are entitled to compensation for your flight delay.

Just enter the simple data into the table on our home page and we will advise you if you are entitled to make a claim and that we can act on your behalf.

European Flight Delay Refunds


Delayed Flight Compensation

We have a team of aviation experts

IT specialists and legal professionals who will deal with everything on your behalf and recover the monies you are due.



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We work on a no win/no fee basis so there is nothing for you to lose.

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Flight Delay Refund

Our intricate flight systems and technologies will ensure that you receive the full compensation you are entitled to for your flight delay.

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Once we receive this simple information, we will calculate what you are entitled to claim with no commitment or obligation on your behalf. After that we will send you an email and if you choose to proceed, we will process the claim on your behalf with your consent on a strictly "no win/no fee" basis so there are no up front costs at all and you only pay a small percentage from the full compensation amount you receive from the airline. So there is nothing for you to lose by contacting us.

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With our extensive knowledge and expertise and using our sophisticated flight data systems, Blueway will manage the entire flight delay claim process on your behalf in line with EC regulations until you receive payment in your bank account. So there is nothing for you to do except await for your bank account to be credited.

How does Blueway

With Blueway you can find out whether you are entitled to financial compensation for your flight for any delay that has taken place in the last 6 years. Please enter some basic data into our simple to use flight table on our home page.