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Flight Delay Refunds

What can Blueway ( do for you?
With our extensive knowledge and expertise and using our sophisticated flight data systems, Blueway will manage the entire flight delay claims process on your behalf in line with EC regulations until you receive payment in your bank account. So there is nothing for you to do except await for your bank account to be credited.

Flight Distance Length of Delay Euros amount as per EC Reg 261 Pay Now (Euros) Normal Process
Up to 1,500km 3 hours or more € 250 € 100 € 145
1,500km-3,500km 3 hours or more € 300 € 120 € 180
Over 3,500km 3-4 hours € 400 € 160 € 250
Over 3,500km More than 4 hours € 600 € 240 € 390

Here are some of our recent cases where we helped for flight delay refunds

Did you travel on one of these flights (or any other flights)? If so then please contact us as soon as possible as our legal teams are confident they will be able to achieve a successful refunds for you

AirlineFlightCodeDate of flightDeparture AirportArrival Airport
Easyjet Airline Company LimitedU263823/01/2017Isle of Mann Ronaldsway Airport(IOM)Liverpool John Lennon Airport(LPL)
Flybe LimitedBE38820/01/2017Dublin Airport(DUB)Eastleigh Airport(SOU)
Germanwings GmbH4U246020/01/2017Stuttgart Airport(STR)Heathrow London(LHR)
Norwegian Air InternationalD8585619/01/2017Airport De Gran Canaria(LPA)Birmingham International Airport(BHX)
CityjetWX17318/01/2017London City Airport(LCY)Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport(AMS)
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What others say about Flight Delay Refunds

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I just can’t believe how easy and great was this whole experience and I would be happy to share it with others.   Best regards, Snjezana (Zana) Lucic

Snjezana Lucic - November 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you so much to all the staff there it is so good to receive excellent customer service.   Yours Faithfully, Mr Ian Senior

Ian Senior - November 2017

left-icon left-icon

Found Blueway Ltd on the website when looking for assistance in receiving compensation for being delayed on our flight. Found them to be very helpful in reaching a successful claim would highly recommended the company.   Kind Regards Michelle Manson

Michelle Manson - November 2017

left-icon left-icon

Excellent News! Thank you very much for all your help.   Kind Regards Joe Marshall

Joe Marshall - November 2017

left-icon left-icon

I am writing to thank you for cheque which arrived today. I will be more than happy to recommend you to family & friends should they find themselves in same situation as I did. Yours Thankfully, Lorna Nairi

Lorna Nairi - November 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your efforts and co-operations in the way and manner your company successfully handle the settlement breakdown. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone that suffered flight delays in the near future, once Read More…

Chukwudi Philip Andrews - November 2017

left-icon left-icon

I must admit we were not hopeful that we would get compensation from the airline for the delay and poor service. We feel that airlines should be held to account for delays and their poor management in handling  that delay. Read More…

Christopher Sellek - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team, Thank you very much for a work well done. I appreciate your sincerity and dedication in doing what you believe to be the right thing. I will surely recommend your good work to my beloved friends Thank Read More…

Moses Anyanwu - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for your response and your help in this matter. I will definitely recommend you to any of my family/friends if they have had any problems with flight delays. Once  family and friends again thank you for your help Read More…

Loraine Burden - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Many thanks for the successful settlement of my claim against the airline Once again, many thanks and I will of course happily recommend your firm to anyone I know that may have need of such assistance. Regards, Mark Pavey

Mark Pavey - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

I found your service to be really easy to use and would be happy to refer it to acquaintances in case of delay. Thank you and have a pleasant weekend, Moritz Jan Strittmatter

Moritz Jan Strittmatter - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team, Thank you very much. I will be happy to refer friends to you. Kind regards William Salter

William Salter - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

That’s great news. Thanks so much. Big thanks to Blueway, really helpful and professional throughout. I got the outcome I wanted and was delighted to have won my case with zero stress on my side! Thanks again, Beth

Beth - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team, Following up your request for how we found your services: ” Painless,” easy to follow procedure, always easy to contact, and although it took some time to process, the outcome was VERY satisfactory . Rob Raphael.

Rob Raphael - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you very much. I will for sure recommend you guys if anyone asks. Thank you again 🙂 Nirushika

Nirushika - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team, Thank you for your e-mail and all your work! Morag Maillie

Morag Maillie - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team, I am really pleasantly surprised about this outcome. Thank you very much for your efforts. Kind regards, Frank Albers

Frank Albers - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for your prompt response to my enquiry and for the efforts employed by you to secure payment for a delayed flight .  I will certainly recommend your company to all of my friends, any one of whom who Read More…

M.Wainwright - October 2017

left-icon left-icon

Whohooo! Thanks guys, I will fly your flag high over here in South Africa. SO pleased with your service. Kind Regards

Markus - September 2017

left-icon left-icon

The Ryanair cheque was waiting when we returned from holiday at the wife is arranging your payment today.i would like to thank your firm for their assistance & persistence in achieving this compensation after 10 long months. Well done!

Mark - September 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hi thank you so much this is excellent news we are over the moon thank you so much for all your help and getting us such a great end result in our claim.

Samantha Walls - September 2017

left-icon left-icon

I found your website merely by doing a cursory google search at first.  When I found a couple of websites offering similar services I immediately took to the reviews to find out which of the litigation services would best fit Read More…

Tommy Landes - September 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hi Thanks for all your hard work!

Steve - September 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for dealing with my claim. I am delighted to know that a cheque will be sent to me in the next few days. I would like you to know that my brother-in-law Mr Read More…

Jane Lewis - September 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hi, Thanks for all your help we are very pleased  with the outcome 

Paul Kenndy  - September 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for the great news!!! Well done!

Mark & Roulla - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

The service I received from Blueway is considerably better than provided by other claim companies I have used in the past. I would seriously  recommend Blueway to anybody who needs to seek compensation from an airline.

Hugh Kelleher - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family if needed in the future. Kind Regards

Linda M carr - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

Blueway Limited is the best for flight delay refunds!  My daughter and I went on a ten day holiday and first our flight was delayed for over three hours and when we arrived at our destination we were robbed at Read More…

Valerie - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team, This is great news, thank you very much, you have made my day! I will definitely use your services again in case of similar delays and will also recommend you to family and friends!

Miss Katie Bedford - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for the informations and for a great job. Regards

Michaela Reiterova - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

This is great news! Thanks a lot for doing this i really appreciate and I will definitely refer you to some friends. ​I heard about Blueway from my cousin. I had no hope in solving this problem but thanks to Read More…

Rui Dores - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team, Thank you very much, I will make sure to mention your name here and there. Sadly, I do not remember how I found your services.

Jens Hartmann - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway team, Thank you for your email we are delighted with the compensation payment you have secured for us, many thanks. Will certainly recommend you and be happy to contact you again if need be. Best regards

Julia Hume - August 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you so much! I found you guys by searching on Google to find someone to help me.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hello Blueway Team , You were recommended to us by Paul Duncan who was our guinea pig, he made a claim for compensation  through yourselves (Blueway) for the same flight delay, which was successful and because of this we decided Read More…

Ray Marshall - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hi, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your support in obtaining my compensation.  I would like to say that your service has been excellent and prompt.  When I have spoken to the members of the team they Read More…

Sara Patel - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you so much for representing me and winning the case! A pleasant surprise! Sincerely

Eileen Mulholland - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you. You have been good and quick and kept me informed all the way.

Susan Benfold - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hello Blueway, Th​is ​is amazing news, thank you so much and I think I can speak of behalf of all the passengers on that flight who where stuck inside that plane for 8+ hours without any compensation, vouchers, explanations or ​air​ Read More…

Linn T.Jyhne - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thanks and ​we ​will recommend You to all we​ know. Regards

R.Sankar​ - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you so much for handling this case for me and I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. Once again, ​M​y Sincerely ​T​hanks & Kindest Regards.

Joyce Nicholson - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for informing me of the successful conclusion to this claim. Kind regards

Phil Pairpoint - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for your letter, I am happy with the outcome of your settlement result. ​Yours ​Sincerely

Charles H​unter​ - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Very pleased with the result of my claim. After supplying Blueway with my details, they did all the necessary paperwork on my behalf, bringing my claim to a very satisfactory conclusion. Thank You!

Norman Smyth​ - July 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hello, Thank you very much for helping me! Thank you and regards,

Victoria Clausse - June 2017

left-icon left-icon

That is amazing. Many thanks for your persistence. I have actually already recommended you to two other parties who were on the same flight as me and hope they will enjoy the same outcome. Kind regards

Elizabeth Dobinson - June 2017

left-icon left-icon

Many thanks for your help and will not hesitate to recommend your company to all our friends! Regards

Raymond Hoar - June 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank for very much for helping to fight my case for my flight delay. We had almost given up hope of getting anything but you have really made my day with this great news. Sincerely Yours

A.J. Patel - June 2017

left-icon left-icon

I would recommend Blueway to handle your claim. You think you can do it yourself, but we tried and got nowhere. They have been prompt and efficient. Would use again for sure.  Regards

Jayne Wade - June 2017

left-icon left-icon

Wow – thank you; that is amazing! I hope they will allow me to fly with them again Kind regards Lizette

Lizette - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for your email dated the 15th May 2017 informing me that you have come to a financial settlement with the airline. I am delighted with this news so thank you.

Margaret-Anne Mackenzie - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you so much. I have been very impressed with your service.

Theresa Richardson - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

A no fuss, no bother service, dealt with efficiently with a positive result. Many thanks! Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Sarah Hooper - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hello, thank you. I received now, thanks for helping if have any further claim flight will still love to Blueway to help us

Exumi - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you very much for your work on my behalf. Regards,

Marilyn Baker - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

I found a Blueway advertisement on Facebook some time back, and I couldn’t think of any flight in the last 6 years that had been delayed or re-routed. And then, it happened, I had a 5 hour delay and I Read More…

Arja - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team, On behalf of my Husband and I we would like to thank you for securing a settlement in our claim against Thomson Holidays. We don’t think this would have been possible without your assistance and will strongly Read More…

Angus and Lorna Richardson - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hello, Thanks a lot for your successfully, good job, you are the best. I will recommend you to all friends and those who have problems of this kind. Regards

F.Budulan - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hi, Thank you so much and congrats for winning the case. Regards

Sethu - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

I located your website off the internet and I can definitely recommend your company to others. Regards

Nathan Young - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway Team Thank you for dealing so efficiently and with the somewhat delayed flight we had from Havana to Birmingham via Paris CD Airport. We were informed by Air France that we were not eligible for a claim, or Read More…

Ursula & Roy Quester - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you that’s great news. I found yourselves on a google search and am very pleased with the outcome especially with the timescales as I would have expected it to take longer. You guys were very quick to reply and Read More…

Lisa Mckelvie  - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Really easy service to use. Filled in an online form that took minutes. 12 weeks later received notification of successful claim for a delay that happened almost 6 years ago. Yes Blueway take a commission but I hadn’t claimed earlier Read More…

Heather Brown - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

In terms of a testimonial – “Blueway have been really helpful in taking our claim forward on our behalf – very little to do other than sit back and watch as blueway do all the hard work!” Kind regards

B R Tomlinson - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thanks again for the great service. I will definitely recommend you to my friends family and colleagues Kind regards

Nailya Taylor - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hi, thank you for all your help I’m delighted with the outcome and will pass your name on to other family members with flights delayed Kind regards

Carolanne Beveridge - May 2017

left-icon left-icon

I would like to take this time to thank those involved at Blueway for all the hard work and time they have put in for our compensation. The service is so easy and straightforward, taking less than 5 minutes to Read More…

Greg Jardine - April 2017

left-icon left-icon

I am so delighted of the outcome of my case! I didn’t thought that i will be receiving any compensation from this. Thank you so much for your hard work! Regards

Koumba Camara - April 2017

left-icon left-icon

A Big Thank you for getting me a refund from a well-known company for my flight delay. That I have been trying for over a year, and always getting fobbed of with rubbish excuses, I will be going on social media Read More…

Carolanne - April 2017

left-icon left-icon

We would just like to say thank you for your help in getting this sorted for us. We received the compensation cheque today.

Mr & Mrs Lewis - April 2017

left-icon left-icon

Easy to use and recommendable online service, you get your money (good cost effectiveness for the service) from the airline, even if in your country the chances are hard to get the money because of the law situation. Kind regards

Tristan - April 2017

left-icon left-icon

I found Blueway while doing a search on Yahoo. I have found their staff courteous and the process to be very straight forward. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Regards,

Scott Russell - Roberts - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

Well done Blueway, for taking on the giant of airlines, Ryanair, and winning my claim for a 6-hour delay, on the return journey of my holiday in Malta. Ryanair tried to fob me off with an email stating it was Read More…

Robert Dey - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of your team! I am extremely delighted with the outcome and fantastic customer service I have received! Many thanks,

Jennifer - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

Blueway won me a substantial amount of money back from an airline for a delayed flight when the airline declined, brilliant service and would 100% recommend to friends and family!” Thank You

Jessica Wilson - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

I will try to leave a good feedback of the outcome, when to be honest I wasn’t hopeful of any decent result. Blueway is the way! (See what I did there?). Thanks again

Martin Pain - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

TO Whom It May Concern, I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for successfully winning the claim.

Mrs Andrea Cairns - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

My thanks for a job well done go to all your team. First class service was worth paying for. Kind regards

T Bradley - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

I would recommend this service. I put my claim in and Blueway did the rest. 100% excellent service. Thanks again.

Daniel Hallett - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Blueway team, We are delighted about the outcome reached for us by your hard work. A big thank you from my wife and I. We shall certainly recommend you to family and friends. Yours Ken

Ken - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

For anybody that has experienced a delay do not hesitate to contact Blueway, does as it says on the tin no win no fee. The whole process was so easy and the team was very helpful every step of the Read More…

Rhys Acton - Kildare, Ireland -

left-icon left-icon

Thanks for a great service such an easy company to deal with will not hesitate to use you in the future thanks again.

David Horne - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

Wow that’s fantastic news! I will recommend you to all my friends

Jan Macclea - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you & what an excellent service you have provided, I did start to lose hope after so long but you have pulled it through so thank you.

Paul Harrison - March 2017

left-icon left-icon

I would like to thank you for your services. I was getting absolutely nowhere under my own efforts and at last we have received compensation, Setting up the procedure was quick and easily understood and whenever I contacted you for Read More…

Norman Jamieson - February 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hi Thank you for you’re efforts on our delayed flight claim.The claim process was uncomplicated and resulted in us receiving a good sum back which was not expected.I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone wishing to make a flight Read More…

James Wildsmith - February 2017

left-icon left-icon

Oh wow. Thank you so much. Will recommend you to anyone who needs your service.

Jackie - February 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you to you and your team for pursuing our flight delay compensation. My wife and I are pleased that Blueway Limited have successfully won this case and are now in a position to make payment. Regards

Mr Morrison - February 2017

left-icon left-icon

Dear Sir I am delighted with the claim settlement and I will certainly recommend you to my friends please forward the cheque Thank you

Andrew Childs - February 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you so much for your email and great news! We are defiantly will recommended you to our friends and family . It was a pleasure ‘working’ with you Thank you so much. Kind regards

Agnes and Adrian - February 2017

left-icon left-icon

Hi! I am very pleased to hear the good news, thank you very much for wonderful job! Thank you again!

Fang Cheng - February 2017

left-icon left-icon

Good afternoon, Thank you for your service which was flawless. Also, in case of any similar delays, I will not hesitate to contact you. Thank you again.

James Egan - February 2017

left-icon left-icon

Firstly I must say a big thank you for all the work you have done to get us the compensation for our flight delay.If I do hear of any one who has had a flight delay I will certainly recommend Read More…

JM King - January 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for your prompt response and the way in which this matter has been dealt with.

John Walker - January 2017

left-icon left-icon

We wish to thank you very much for the cheque which you sent for flight compensation. We appreciate the work you did on our behalf.

Daniel Feeney - January 2017

left-icon left-icon

Thank you very much Im so happy with the outcome.

Mrs Leluu Mbarouk - December 2016

left-icon left-icon

Happy to hear that. So the Christmas presents För my family and friends can be more expensive. 🙂

Sascha Marten - December 2016

left-icon left-icon

Thank you for the work that you have done.

H . Orlandi - December 2016

left-icon left-icon

I have no hesitation in recommending blueway as a means to claim compensation for any flight delays/ cancellations! Always kept informed of progress of the claim , and very happy with the resulting settlement amount.

Mary Dustan - December 2016


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