What can Blueway www.flightdelayrefunds.com do for you?

With our extensive knowledge and expertise and using our sophisticated flight data systems, Blueway will manage the entire flight delay claim process on your behalf in line with EC regulations until you receive payment in your bank account. So there is nothing for you to do except await for your bank account to be credited.

How it works?

You submit your claim

Our legal teams will take over the case

You will receive your money


Here are some of our recent flight cases

Did you travel on one of these flights (or any other flights)? If so then please contact us as soon as possible as our legal teams are confident they will be able to achieve a successful outcome for you

Airline Flight No Date Of Flight From To
(TOM) Thomson TOM5992 24/12/2007 (PUJ) Punta Cana International Airport (MAN) Manchester Airport
(VS) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS31 29/1/2008 (LGW) London Gatwick Airport (UVF) Hewanorra International Airport
(BD) bmi WW5328 29/2/2008 (AGP) Malaga Airport (EMA) East Midlands Airport
(ZB) Monarch Airlines ZB4372 3/4/2008 (LGW) London Gatwick Airport (SSH) Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
(VS) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS73 19/4/2008 (MAN) Manchester Airport (SFB) Orlando Sanford International Airport
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How much compensation can be claimed for delayed flights

In 2013, the number of passengers arriving at or departing from London Heathrow airport was an astounding 72.3 million. Out of these passengers around 5 percent would have experienced flight problems whilst travelling to/from London Heathrow airport. This percentage increases once you begin to include all of the major airports across Europe that operate flights of a similar volume to London Heathrow. There are a copious number of people who are entitled to claim for a flight delay but they are simply unaware of their rights.

The flight delay compensation is fixed and is dependent on two variables; the flight length (in kilometres) and the length of the delay (in hours). Based on these two variables the amount of compensation can be calculated. In order to qualify for compensation for delayed flights the flight delay would have to be a minimum of 3 hours. A passenger could be entitled to 250, 300, 400 or 600 Euros based on the flight circumstances, as each case is different. In order to receive 250 Euros, the flight delay would have to be at least 3 hours and have a flight length of anything up to 1500km (e.g. London to Paris). If the flight length was between 1500km and 3500km then the passenger would be entitled to receive 400 Euros. If their flight delay was over 3500km and between 3 and 4 hours then the passenger would receive 300 Euros worth of compensation (flight delay). In order to receive the maximum 600 Euros worth of delayed flight compensation the flight length would have to be more than 3500km with a flight delay of 4 hours or more.

Blueway Limited www.flightdelayrefunds.com have legal teams and aviation specialists who are experts at winning flight delay compensation for the passenger.

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