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UK Airlines Affected by Belgian Strikes Posted on January, 15 2015 by

Airlines in the UK are going through a difficult phase and that too, during the holiday season, which is estimated to cause inconvenience to thousands of passengers and airline companies. Th..
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The Best Value Airlines for Food Posted on January, 12 2015 by

For almost a century now, airlines have been serving in-flight meals with different degrees of success. In the year 1919, an airline served the first in-aircraft meal to its passengers while..
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The Average Number of Flights Delayed in the Winter Compared to the Summer! Posted on January, 9 2015 by

Winter fog, blizzards and snowstorms are few of the weather factors that lead to delayed flights in winter or even flight cancellations. The Associated Press reported aggressive ice and snow..
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Why Airlines Are Wrong to Use the Excuse of “Knock on Effects” for a Flight Delay Posted on January, 7 2015 by

Passengers faced a lot of flight commotion following a computer system failure at the air traffic control office in the UK recently. National Air Traffic Services or NATS reported that a tec..
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What Can Blueway Limited Do for Your Flight Delay Claim Posted on January, 6 2015 by

Two years ago, Marie Cowie and her family had planned to celebrate their vacation in Mexico. They booked tickets on a Thomas Cook flight that was delayed by 10 hours, ruining their itinerary..
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Effect of UK Space Closure Posted on January, 3 2015 by

Principal flight service provider of UK, National Air Traffic Services (NATS), faced heavy criticism and humiliation following the space closure on December 12 caused by a technical glitch i..
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Most British Travellers Don’t Claim Flight Delay Compensation Posted on January, 2 2015 by

A recent report has revealed that around 20 percent of British travellers suffer very lengthy delays, but only a few of them actually claim refunds. The travel study by Which? Travel has rev..
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Virgin Plane Lands Safely Despite Problem with Landing Gear Posted on January, 2 2015 by

A Virgin Atlantic plane from London Gatwick to Las Vegas had to make an abrupt return in mid-flight to Gatwick airport after the pilot discovered a problem with one of its main landing gear...
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