A Scorpion on a Plane!

Posted on October, 24 2017 by Blueway Limited

In an incident earlier last month, a passenger jet was forced to stay put on the ground after a scorpion was found on board.

The EasyJet flight, scheduled to fly from Paris to Glasgow, was delayed after one of the passengers on board noticed the arachnid and alerted the staff. The plane had to be held back at Charles De Gaulle before being rescheduled to fly the next day.

Passengers were informed of the delay via the EasyJet mobile app. EasyJet apologized for the delay and mentioned that the delay was caused as the result of a Scorpion being spotted inside the aircraft. The carrier also mentioned that the aircraft had to be fumigated in order to get rid of the arachnid.

Carrier Remained Silent About the Issue

According to Graham McKinnon, who was supposed to fly to Glasgow, he and the other passengers were alerted about the delay only via the app. He also added that the delay time kept increasing. It is believed that EasyJet told passengers the flight would take off at 4 PM. However, the delay lasted until 8 PM, forcing the flight to be rescheduled.

When Mr. McKinnon tried to inquire, he was told that the aircraft was being cleaned. The excuse later turned into a broken chair. It was only after EasyJet sent the alert that he knew the delay was caused due to a scorpion on board.

EasyJet posted a notice on its website stating that passengers were being provided with overnight accommodation till the situation got sorted out.

A second passenger by the name of Jimmy Smith stated that he and other passengers were alerted about the scorpion by a cleaner who claimed to have seen it move inside the aircraft and into the seats.

As per schedule, the flight should have left Charles De Gaulle by 2 PM. Mr. Smith mentioned that EasyJet kept quiet about the delay and that a boarding pass collector eventually told him and everybody else about the scorpion.

Scorpion Confirmed

After the initial hush-hush, the airline eventually clarified that the delay was indeed caused as the result of a scorpion being present inside the plane. The aircraft also mentioned that it was indeed a passenger who had spotted the arachnid and alerted the crew.

In its official announcement, the airline mentioned that it could now confirm that a passenger spotted a scorpion inside flight number EZY6883 scheduled to fly to Glasgow from Paris. EasyJet added that the safety and comfort of its passengers was its highest priority and therefore, it would fumigate the aircraft as a precaution before takeoff.

The airline also stated that the delay was beyond their control and that it regretted the inconvenience caused to passengers.

This is not the first time a dangerous animal has been spotted inside an aircraft. In a United Airlines flight heading to Calgary, Canada from Houston, Texas, a Canadian passenger was actually stung by a scorpion.

Scorpions are predatory arachnids that use venom to kill their prey and to defend themselves. Among the 1000 species of scorpions, around 25 are believed to possess venom that is potent enough to kill humans.

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