Average Waiting Time for UK Airlines and Airports Revealed!

Posted on July, 21 2015 by Blueway Limited

Flights getting delayed have become so much a part of travel that most people do not even expect their flights to be on time. Most travel schedules set aside time for delays, it has become an obvious and natural thing. There are, however a number of laws governing UK airline delay timings. If the flights take off or land beyond a specified number of hours, depending on distance and time needed to cover it, every passenger on the flight is liable to receive flight delay compensation from their carriers. A recent study on flight delays have put out some interesting and intriguing numbers and statistics on UK airline and airport delays. Here is a condensed version of the result of the study.

The UK airline delay research analysed about 1.6 million flights that started from an airport inside the UK.

The airline with the most number of delays: Thomas Cook. Every Thomas Cook flight was delayed by an average of a little over 18.5 minutes. The timing is spread out over their entire fleet.

The airport where you are likely to face the longest delays: Leeds Bradford. The Islamabad route saw almost one and a half hour delays on average. Considering the fact that the timings posted are average times, makes it all the more shocking. Of the top four longest waits in all of UK, Leeds Bradford had two routes.

Of all major airliners flying out of the UK, the most punctual of all is a Belgian airline. VLM has the record for least wait times and the entire airline, as far as their operations within UK goes, has an average delay time of 5.1 minutes.

The airport with the best record for time is Stansted. Their most efficient route is to Dubrovnik, with delays averaging at one minute.

Other airlines on the list of worst delays

Wizz Air takes the second worst airline in terms of punctuality at 17.8 minutes average overall. In third place is Air Portugal with 16.9 minutes. In fourth place stands Monarch Airlines at 16.1 minutes on average. Blue Islands was found to be the best of the worst at 15.5 minutes of delay on average.

The most punctual airlines in the UK

You are not likely to have major delays with these airliners, at least that is what the numbers say. After VLM which only delayed by 5.1 minutes, Air France came in at a surprisingly close second place at just 5.3 minutes. In third place, SAS was found to have an average delay time of 6.2 minutes. The national carrier of Germany and the largest airline company in Europe, Lufthansa was placed fourth at 6.8 minutes. BA Cityflier Ltd came in at fifth place with an average delay of 6.9 minutes.

All of the above mentioned flight delay UK numbers were compiled and analysed by an independent newspaper, the data was sourced from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the flights, routes and airports used were between the 24 month period of April 2013 to March 2015.

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