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Posted on January, 12 2015 by Blueway Limited

For almost a century now, airlines have been serving in-flight meals with different degrees of success. In the year 1919, an airline served the first in-aircraft meal to its passengers while travelling from London to Paris. Several budget or value airlines have now come into the picture with such services in flight. They often get varied responses from customers, particularly with respect to the food served in-flight. If you’re looking for a reasonably good meal while on-board, we suggest you do some thorough research or get reviews from former passengers about various budget airlines before you book your tickets. Several websites will give you reviews on the best airline services which offer quality food to passengers.


The best food offerings among UK Airlines

Almost 4,000 passengers travelling by various UK airlines were surveyed and rated British Airways as the best for its in-flight food and drink services and also in various other categories such as the on-board experience, customer service, style and so on.

At the same time, the budget airline Norwegian stood right next to British Airways claiming the title of the ‘best value for money’ flight for its in-flight food and other services.

The other airlines which featured among the top rated ones for food and other services include Nordic Airlines and SAS, which is Sweden’s national airline.


More survey results

Even though there is no specific study which has solely focused on in-flight food quality and prices, several polls in 2014 pointed out that Ryanair was least liked by passengers for its foods and drink services.

In the long distance category, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand together come in at the first position getting an 87 per cent score from the customers. Both the airlines were appreciated for their provisions of food and drink and also the value for money.


Be wary of in-flight charges for food

Bob Atkinson from Travel Supermarket was reported saying that passengers using airline services might easily end up paying extremely high prices for in-flight food and drinks if they fail to plan in advance.

This is essentially because majority of the airlines can price food products at whatever amount they want, even if they are just snacks or a soft drink. Passengers end up buying these food and drink items as they have no alternative inside the aircraft. Families travelling on a budget find these inflated prices quite unpleasant and unnecessary.

Several airlines were pointed out for their marked up prices including Ryanair, EasyJet and Some of them were charging 1.74 pounds for a 38p soft drink and similarly 1.74 pounds for a peppermint stick.

If you’re planning to fly anytime soon, and are in the process of selecting your airline, it would be a good idea to visit On this website, you will find food pictures from various airlines posted by passengers. This will give you a fairly good idea about the quality and service.

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