Blueway Limited – Specialists At Taking Claims To Court

Posted on June, 20 2014 by Blueway Limited

Blueway Limited is a flight delay refunds company based in the UK who are specialists at taking claims to court on behalf of their clients. We have successfully won over 100,000 flight delay compensation claims over the last year and are continuing to do so. The number of satisfied customers and positive feedback that Blueway have received is the reason why we are at the fore of fighting for passengers rights. We strive that justice is served and that passengers are receiving the compensation that they deserve. There is a high demand for flight delay refunds companies as the process for claiming flight delay compensation has become extremely complicated. It is common knowledge that airlines will reject approximately 98% of compensation claims made against them, meaning that the majority of cases will almost certainly have to go through the small claims court for flight delays. The prospect of this frightens people’s court proceedings can be a very daunting and intimidating experience. However, with Blueway Limited working on your behalf you will not have to attend court, nor deal with any of the administration involved. You can continue with your day-to-day life whilst Blueway will manage your claim until completion. This is extremely beneficial for people with busy lives who simply do not have the time nor the resources to go through this process alone.

You can claim compensation if you were delayed by 3 hours or more, if your flight was cancelled, if you were denied boarding or if your flight was re-routed to the wrong destination. If you have had a problem with your flight then you could be entitled to 600 Euros per passenger. Passenger rights are outlined in the European Regulation 261/2004 – this regulation acts as the binding law for delayed flight claim compensation. The regulation was originally introduced in 2004, but in October 2012 the rules were tightened and so now the claims process has been made much clearer. Before the tightening of the EC regulation the rules were vague and so many passengers were not successful when claiming compensation. Airlines could quite easily avoid paying compensation and were able to use excuses such as ‘extraordinary circumstances’ or ‘technical faults’ to defend themselves. Now the rules are stricter and airlines are less inclined to get away with using these defenses. On Wednesday 11th June 2014 a judgment was made that rules out technical issues as a legitimate excuse for flight delays. The case involved Mr Huzar and after the passenger was subject to a 27-hour flight delay. After a long-winded appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice London it was announced that were fully responsible for the delay and Mr Huzar received compensation. This result is extremely good news for passengers and Blueway Limited because now we can fight to achieve the same result for all similar cases that involve technical and mechanical issues.

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