Blueway Limited have Successfully Won Compensation against non-EU Airlines

Posted on October, 8 2014 by Blueway Limited

european flight delay compensationAlthough EC Regulation 261/2004 clearly states that flight delay compensation can only be granted for EU-regulated flights, many people do not know this includes non-European carriers. A EU-regulated flight can either be a flight that has departed from an airport situated within the European Union (regardless of the airline) or a flight that has arrived at an airport situated within the European Union. In this case, the airline would have to be European to qualify for compensation. What passengers often forget is that the airline does not have to be European when departing an airline situated within the EU. Therefore, there have been thousands of successful non-EU airline compensation claims winning compensation in court.

Blueway Limited is a flight delay refunds company based in the UK. Blueway have won compensation on behalf of passengers travelling with European and non-European airlines. For example, Blueway recently won compensation against various non-European airlines such as America Airlines, Air Canada, Bangladesh Airlines, Qatar Airways and Vietnam Airlines. The reason why these claims qualified for compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004 was because they were all departing airlines situated within the EU.

Examples of Blueway’s successful claims against non-EU airlines:

  • (AA) American Airlines (Flight no. AA57) on 23/04/2009 flying from London Heathrow Airport to Miami International Airport.
  • (AC) Air Canada (Flight no. AC869) on 06/08/2011 flying from London Heathrow Airport to Lester B, Pearson International Airport.
  • (AC) Air Canada (Flight no. AC857) on 31/03/2012 flying from London Heathrow Airport to Lester B, Pearson International Airport.
  • (VN) Vietnam Airlines (Flight no. VN140) on 07/11/2012 flying from London Gatwick Airport to Tan Son Nhat International Airport.
  • (QR) Qatar Airways (Flight no. QR12) on 01/05/2013 flying from London Heathrow Airport to Bandaranaike International Colombo Airport.

If you were travelling on board any of these delayed flights and would like to make a compensation claim, contact Blueway Limited today. Or if you were recently subject to a flight delay of 2 hours 40 minutes or more when travelling you could be entitled to compensation of up to 600 Euros per passenger. The airline would have to be responsible for the delay, meaning that no extraordinary circumstances occurred. This can affect the validity of your claim, as if bad weather or an event outside the airline’s control caused the flight delay then the airline cannot be held liable. However, many airlines tend to blame extraordinary circumstances for delays when in fact they were to blame. Also, many flights are delayed due to knock-on effects whereby one delay causes a disruption to an entire flight schedule. Knock-on effect delays are the airline’s responsibility meaning that passengers can claim compensation for this type of delay. Therefore, it is best to contact a flight delay refunds company such as Blueway Limited who will be able to check against historical weather information and flight data systems to ensure that your claim is valid. Don’t delay, contact Blueway today!

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