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An Early End To The French Air Traffic Control Strike Posted on July, 25 2014 by

The French air traffic control strike came to an early end on Wednesday 25th June 2014. The strike of the Unsa-ICNA union was planned to run from Tuesday 24th up until the 30th June because ..
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Flight Prices Are Set To Rise Due To The New Compensation Ruling Posted on July, 23 2014 by

Two Court of Appeal judgments were handed down last month and have been described as landmark court rulings for the flight compensation industry. The first case refers to the Dawson vs. Thom..
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Increase In Claims Since The New Ruling Posted on July, 17 2014 by

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have admitted that there will be a large increase in the number of legitimate flight delay compensation claims following the recent ruling against
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Common Reasons For Flight Delays Posted on July, 15 2014 by

There are many different reasons as to why flights become delayed. However, the five most common reasons for flight problems are: 1) Bad weather Weather is the most common cause for flight d..
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French Air Traffic Controller Strike 24th June 2014 Posted on June, 25 2014 by

Passengers fear the worst for their travel plans over the next week due to an Air Traffic Control strike in France. Two of the biggest air traffic controller unions announced the beginning o..
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