Claiming Flight Delay Compensation: How Long Will It Take?

Posted on June, 24 2015 by Blueway Limited

The time taken to complete the process of delayed flight compensation claims depends on the route taken by the claimant. The airlines does not have to give you a response within an official time limit and in many cases letters sent to the airlines are disregarded. It can be a long drawn out process, and in many cases you may have a valid reason to claim flight delay compensation, but the airline may not consider the claim. For a successful flight delay compensation process, the rules specified by the Civil Aviation Authority have to be followed.

The CAA has officially stated there is a backlog of delayed flight compensation claims and that it could take an extended amount of time before you can hear back from them. The amount of time taken to get your flight delay compensation depends on the claim and the airline in question. In most cases, the process takes months and sometimes years before it is taken care of.

Who is eligible to claim?

Certain criteria have to be fulfilled to make a valid flight delay compensation claim. If you answer a ‘yes’ to the questions below, you stand a strong chance of getting your refund:

  1. Did the delayed flight take off within the last 6 years?
  2. Did the flight take off or land in the EU? Did you fly with an EU airline?
  3. Was the delay longer than three hours?
  4. Was the delay due to the airline’s fault? Or was it due to extraordinary circumstances?

If you are unable to recall the details or remember if the above apply to your scenario, you can check online using free flight claim checkers to get the answers.

What are extraordinary circumstances?

It is a grey area usually manipulated by airlines to take advantage of delayed flight compensation claims situations involving passengers. Situations such as security risks, manufacturing issues, extreme weather conditions, political or civil unrest, industrial action or terrorist acts comprise extraordinary circumstances.

How much flight delay compensation can you claim?

The amount of flight delay compensation claimable is set in place in the EU Regulation and the figures relate to the distance of travel and length of delay. Depending on the route travelled and distance covered, your compensation amount can vary. The cost of the airline ticket plays no factor in deciding the amount as you are compensated for the time lost and inconvenience caused.

Flights up to 1500 km can be claimed for up to €250. Delayed flights between 1500 and 3500 km can claim up to €400.

What is the airline obliged to do when a flight gets delayed?

Under EU 261, when passengers are delayed at the airport each passenger must be provided two phone calls or emails, free meals and refreshments as well as free hotel accommodation. Transport facility to the hotel has to be provided in case of overnight delay.

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