About Blueway

flightdelayrefunds.com is an initiative of Blueway Limited a UK incorporated company that was originally set up by 2 entreprenuers who have over 15 years experience working together in the Logistics and Transport industry throughout Europe. Our sole purpose is to assist european passengers in claiming back compensation from airlines that you are entitled to for delays to your past flights.

Your Legal Rights

An EU regulation created back in 2005 — EU261 — means (stated) that airlines flying out of the EU and EU airlines flying into the EU have to pay compensation for delays of more than three hours. This aspect of the ruling was upheld by the European Court of Justice in October 2012. On 23 October 2012, the Court of Justice of the European Union passed a judgment which said consumers who arrived at their destination three or more hours late could claim compensation for their delay. What’s more, you can backdate any claim that has taken place in the last 6 years.We have recognised that many airlines are reluctant to reimburse their passengers for flights that have been delayed or cancelled. The EU law gives passengers the right to compensation if their flight was delayed by more than three hours, cancelled, re-routed or if they were denied boarding. The reality is that airlines try to make excuses that the delay is not their fault. This is where you can rely on our experience and knowledge and sophisticated flight data systems to recover the monies on your behalf.

What our team can do for You

We have an extensive team of legal professionals, IT and aviation specialists that recovers compensations for passengers from airlines which break their contractual responsibilities to the passenger. We are a UK registered limited company UK registration number 08385444

We operate in a number of languages across all EU member states and throughout the Globe.

We are here to make the monies claim process easy for you and recover the compensation you are entitled to. We work on a strictly “no win, no fee” basis that means you do not have to pay any up front costs at all. We only take a small commission once payment has been received from the airline — we take just 25% + VAT and £25pp of any monies reclaimed for you which is far cheaper than any of our competitors – whilst you will receive the remaining amount. There are no hidden fees and no costs for you to pay even if in the very unlikely event our claim on your behalf is unsuccessful. After your initial enquiry on our user-friendly website we will respond to you immediately to inform you if we consider you are entitled to compensation and then ask you to send us some simple information about your flight (this will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete).

We will then deal with the entire claim process against the airline on your behalf meaning you have nothing further to do except await for your bank account to be credited with your reimbursement. We are extremely professional in our approach and are totally committed and dedicated to ensure you receive the full compensation that you are due. After all, it is in our interest for the compensation claim to be successful.

Our Expertise Your Success

Our Expertise Your Success We are fully aware that airlines will try to use every “trick in the book” to avoid making payment. This is where our team of experienced and professional specialists comes to the fore and is what sets us apart from our competitors. We will make the original claim to the airline on your behalf and then follow up on this to ensure a response from the airline. If the airline disputes the claim we then use our vast experience in the Transport and Aviation industry and knowledge of the legal process to fight your case. We use the most sophisticated and up to date databases of full historical flight information and weather information to disprove their attempts to avoid payment. We will then pursue this further with the relevant airline governing authorities in the particular country of the claim. If in the unlikely event we are still not successful then our team of professional lawyers will then seek to obtain the compensation through the local Courts. All this is included in our “no win no fee” service so there are absolutely no hourly legal fees for you to pay to use our lawyers − we will just take our 25% + VAT commission from the final amount the airlines pay that you are entitled to.

Why choose Us

Flight Length Arrival Delay Compensation Date
Up to 1,500km, eg, London to Paris 3 hours+ €250 (£210)
1,500km-3,500 km, eg, London to Istanbul 3 hours+ €400 (£335)
3,500km+, eg, London to New York 3,500km+ 3-4 hours €300 (£250)
3,500km+, eg, London to New York 3,500km+ 4+ hours €600 (£500)

If you have had a problem with your flight get in touch and we will do our upmost in ensuring your air carrier pays out compensation that you are entitled to under the European law.

European ruling No. 261/2004 lists the rights of air travellers who experience cancellations, delays or overbooking. This ruling applies to flights:

Departing an airport located in a member state of the European union, and Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

Arriving at an airport located in a member state of the European union, and Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, if the flight is conducted by a European airline (British Airways, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Iberia, Alitalia, Germanwings, Air France ….).

This applies to all delays except for those caused by ´extraordinary circumstances´ such as the Icelandic ash clouds of 2010 and 2011 or industrial action although Ryanair were also recently ordered to make a compensation payment for a flight that was delayed due to the Volcanic ash disruptions.

The outcome of a recent court case means we are now able to claim for flight delays in the last 6 years.

All you have to do is enter the simple data (fill up a simple form) on our home page with no obligation, and we will check the information in our sophisticated flight data and historical weather systems and respond immediately advising if you are entitled to make a claim with us.

And, let us use our extensive experience and knowledge and obtain for you the money you are entitled to for your flight delay or cancellation. We will deal with everything on your behalf including any possible Court action to recover your monies with no additional costs and we will only take a small percentage of the money we successfully claim back for you. So there really is no reason not to contact us. Had a flight delay in the last 6 years?