Do I Need A Lawyer To Claim Compensation?

Posted on April, 28 2014 by Blueway Limited

The first step of the process to Claim EU Flight Delay compensation is contacting the airline. You will need to complete a Flight Delay Claim Letter, which is a written complaint, stating exactly what went wrong with the flight (whether it be a delay, cancellation or denied boarding) and what you want in terms of compensation. You can do this by email, post, through online claims forms etc. There are many different options available, but the likelihood of getting a response back from the airline is extremely poor. It’s like a shot in the dark as approximately 98% of claims are initially rejected by airlines, meaning that a fractional 2% of cases are settled without court action. Even though for the large majority of cases, passengers are well within their rights to claim compensation. Even if the airline rejects your claim, it doesn’t mean that your claim is invalid. Airlines simply avoid compensation claims like the plague and use every trick in the book to avoid paying out. So don’t be put off if you are rejected at this stage, the airlines are hardly going to make the process easy for you. Their strategy is to make the process as difficult as possible in the hope that passengers lose interest or give up. It means that they win and you lose, well lose out on a potential 600 euros worth of compensation!


The reality of the situation is that your case will have to go to court when claiming for Flight Delays. Your case will be heard in front of a judge who will make the final decision. Solicitors and lawyers play a major part in the legal battle against the airlines. If you do not have a detailed understanding of the European Regulation 261/2004 that applies to flight delay compensation then you will not have a fighting chance standing up in court alone. This is why it is very beneficial to collaborate with companies such as Blueway Limited if you are thinking about making a Claim for European Flight Delay Compensation. Blueway work with a team of legal professionals who are experts at obtaining flight delay compensation on behalf of passengers that have experienced a flight delay or cancellation. Blueway will do all of the work for you, meaning that you will not have to attend court. They work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ Lawyers Airline Compensation service, meaning that there are no hourly legal fees or hidden costs needed in order to use their lawyers. There is much risk involved when entering into a law battle against an airline, and if in the unfortunate scenario whereby you lose the case – you would be left with all of the legal fees to pay. But by entrusting in companies like Blueway, it avoids these hourly financial risks and relieves you from all of the stress that the process may bring.

Claiming for Flight Delay Refunds doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t delay, contact Flight Delay Refunds today!

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