Dubai International Airport Overtaking London Heathrow As The World’s Busiest Airport

Posted on August, 25 2014 by Blueway Limited

London HeathrowDubai International Airport became the busiest airport in the world for international passengers, carrying more passengers for 3 consecutive months during the first quarter overtaking London Heathrow Airport. This highlights the growth of Emirates Airlines Dubai’s largest operating airline and the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of revenue. Each week approximately 3,400 Emirates flights operate from Dubai International Airport to more than 142 cities in 78 countries over six continents. Dubai’s success has squandered 350 years of supremacy in Britain as London Heathrow Airport has always been ranked as the busiest airport in the world. Figures are looking as though Dubai may also overtake London Heathrow to have the highest volume of passengers for the whole of 2014. If this is true it really will put an end to the 350-year period whereby Britain has maintained to be the home of the busiest airport in the world. The blame for this knock-back has been pushed onto politicians for allowing London Heathrow to slip behind in the ranks. ‘Political indecision’ and ‘lack of political vision’ is what the chief executive of IAG had to say about it who feels as though it has damaged Britain’s reputation.

The statistics show that Dubai International Airport overtook London Heathrow Airport by a staggering 3.1 million passengers. Dubai hosted 18 million international passengers between December 2013 and February 2014 compared to London Heathrow that hosted 14.9 million. This shows that Dubai did not overtake Heathrow marginally there was a difference of over 3 million passengers. Frankfurt and Paris are among other airports that have grown rapidly. Even though Dubai International Airport has become the world’s busiest airport it doesn’t mean that it is ranked as the best, or the most punctual. In July 2014, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) released figures about the performance of major airlines around the world. The study looked at 75 international destinations, to calculate which airports had the highest and lowest on-time performance. Dubai achieved the lowest on-time performance from the entire study with a score of just 63.4%, compared to 84% which was achieved by the London airports.

Being on-time is much more important to passengers than how busy the airport is. Flight delays can be extremely distressing and is a nuisance for people travelling abroad. European Regulation 261/2004 was put in place to protect passengers who experience flight delays or cancellations. In order to qualify for flight delay compensation, the delay would have to be the airline’s fault entirely and not due to an extraordinary circumstance or an ‘act of God’ such as political unrest or extreme weather. If a delay causes a passenger to arrive at their destination 3 hours later than scheduled then they could claim back compensation for this. The regulation states that a passenger has up to six years to file the compensation claim. This limitation is in place as UK courts will not accept claims dating back further than six years. Blueway Limited is a flight delay refunds company that will able to assist you with any queries or concerns if you are thinking about making a delayed flight compensation claim. Don’t delay, contact Blueway today!

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