EU Flight Delay Compensation And How To Claim

Posted on May, 27 2014 by Blueway Limited

If you have been subject to a flight delay whilst travelling on a EU regulated flight that caused you to arrive at least 3 hours later than schedule then you could be entitled to claim European flight delay compensation. A EU regulated flight refers to any flight that departs an airport situated within the EU (regardless of the airline), as well as any flight that lands at an airport situated within the EU. In this case, the airline would have to be a European airline for the claim to be valid. European Regulation 261/2004 outlines the rules in detail and clearly explains passenger rights. This regulation was enforced in 2004 and since then passengers have been much more able to claim compensation for flight delays. If you do not know where you stand when it comes to EU flight delay compensation then fully understanding the EC Regulation 261/2004 is very important. It must be the airline’s fault to claim, anything out of the airline’s control would be considered as an extraordinary circumstance, which means that a passenger would not be entitled to compensation. Extraordinary circumstances are unfortunate events but sometimes they cannot be avoided.

Extreme weather conditions that put flights in danger is an example of an extraordinary circumstance that a passenger would have to accept. However, if the airline is to blame and the delay was completely within their control or if it could have been easily avoided then a passenger could be entitled to claim 250, 300, 400 or 600 euros worth of compensation. This compensation is carefully calculated (regardless of the flight cost) by looking at the length of the flight and the length of the delay. The compensation is set based on these two variables and is fully outlined in the EC Regulation 261/2004.

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Blueway Limited is a flight delay refunds company that strive towards reclaiming money that passengers deserve. This money is reclaimed directly from the airlines that are to blame for flight problems (Europe). Airlines can be very uncooperative when it comes to issuing flight delay refunds, which is why companies such as Blueway are there to help! If you don’t know how to claim for a flight delay that occurred within the past six years or if you don’t know where to start simply visit Blueway Limited website that clearly explains how the process works. Blueway will be working on your behalf, completing all of the administration and legal documents and presenting them to the airline in question. Blueway will manage your claim during each stage of the process, each claim is different and so the amount of time needed varies from claim to claim. All that is required from you is to enter some basic information regarding the flight delay on Blueway user-friendly website, agree to their terms and conditions and then patiently wait until the money is credited into your bank account.

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