Flights with Several First Class and Business Customers Given Priority.

Posted on March, 11 2015 by Blueway Limited

Air passengers travelling by economy class are not privy to any perks. They in fact, have to deal with pesky seat arrangements and fight for the best seats every time they book a ticket. Further, they have to deal with other things like having their luggage checked, getting their meals in order and the likes. Every few years or so there are a number of regulations put in place that make travelling in the economy class less comfortable. The latest in line of such developments that has been occupying airline travel news, is that now passengers may have to wait it out to land at their designated airports on a priority basis.

Priority landing for priority customers

Air passengers who fall under the priority tag are those who are VIP passengers – they could be passengers who fly with premium services, high-value passengers and frequent-flyer customers. Such passengers will be given priority when it come to landing. So flight travel will no longer be on the basis of ‘first come first land’ basis. Now airlines can decide which of their flights will land first. This new rule won’t be applicable for all air services due to the obvious reasons of being too complicated and of course rife with problems that won’t let the new regulation off ground.

Other than premium customers with premium services, the priority landing is also meant for crowded air spaces and customers who need to board a connecting flight.

The logic behind priority landing

As of now this is just a proposed plan, but it can take off in the future. Unlike what may seem as a blow to economic air travel or low-cost flights; there is logic behind the proposed new regulation. First, airlines can prioritize their landings as per the passengers who need to board connecting flights. Due to delays, especially in busy airports, often passengers end up missing their connecting flights. This leads to further problems for airlines not to take into account the inconvenience caused to the passengers. This new regulation makes sense when the connecting flight logic is considered.

Even though the new rule at first appears to be unappealing for passengers travelling by economy, the new flight travel regulation is not against them. It has been proposed to streamline air travel. This new rule will also help busy airports and airspaces. When instances of missed flights are reduced, the effects are going to be felt by the airports, which are weighed down by flight delays and passengers who are delayed consequently.

Though it is a given that not everyone is going to like this new piece of airline travel news, for those who are stranded in an airport in a foreign country far away from their destinations, this might come as information that provides great relief. So yes, first class passengers and business customers now get additional facilities that make flight travel easier for them. These business customers are often frequent flyers with connecting flights.

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