Are You Flying Over The New Year? How Can We Assist You if You Have a Flight Delay?

Posted on December, 30 2014 by Blueway Limited

Flight Delay CompensationThe whole world is revelling this holiday season and people are travelling around the world meeting their loved ones. The chance of flight delays also increases during this season. But you don’t have to worry about delayed flights anymore or the cumbersome processes that you have to follow to claim refund or compensation on such delayed or cancelled flights. Blueway Limited ( is an organization that takes care of the processes to win you the claims that you are entitled to for delayed and cancelled flights in the EU.

What to do if you have a flight delay?

There is nothing much that you have to do. Blueway Limited follows a simple three step process to get you your rightful amount of compensation.

  • Submission of claim form: Instead of submitting your claim to the airline company, you have to submit it at the Blueway Limited office. You can do it online by filling the simple claim form. You also need to attach the required documents along with the filled form.Our officials go through the documents to verify if you are really entitled to the amount and if that is the case, they will fight against the airline company on your behalf.
  • The legal team fights for you:We have experts from the fields of law, aviation and meteorology to tackle any kinds of objections put forward by the airline company to refuse payment. We also have state-of-the-art flight and weather data to support our arguments.
  • You get paid: You get regular updates as the case for claim is under process. Once the claim is won, you get your money in your bank account.

It is important to note that Blueway Limited does not charge any upfront or hidden fees. We take a commission of 20 per cent of the amount you win, which is much lower than the fees charged by others.

Why take our assistance

The process of applying for refund can be done without the help of an outside agent. However, airline companies generally reject such applications and refuse to pay any compensation citing “delay or cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances.” As people do not have any experts on their side to fight for them, they often drop the hope of getting back the money. The formation of Blueway itself was based on this cruel fact.

With Blueway, you have experts on your side, and in turn higher chances of getting a compensation which could range anywhere between 250 Euros to 600 Euros depending on the duration of delay and the distance travelled. Following a court ruling, you can fight for compensation on delayed travels you undertook even six years ago. And you probably didn’t know that. That is why you should take our assistance; our professionals have knowledge and experience to ensure that your claim is settled. If you have undertaken any delayed travels lately, apply for a claim with Blueway.

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