How Can You Claim Your Compensation?

Posted on February, 7 2014 by Blueway Limited

Have you ever discovered that your flight is delayed upon reaching the airport? As a result, leading you to miss an important meeting or a scheduled holiday? Well, this is a problem that many people have experienced after they have already started their journey and reached their airport of departure. It may be worth claiming for flight delay compensation on such an occasion.

Whether your flight is oversold, heavily delayed (in excess of three hours) or cancelled; you are entitled to receive compensation for the losses that you suffered due to such problems. According to the European law, any passenger who encounters a flight delay of more than 3 hours, can make compensation claims to receive up to £514 per passenger in return. An astonishing fact is that about £1.2billion remains unclaimed every year. This is mainly due to the result of people trying to avoid the difficulties they might face when they try to claim such compensation. Do you happen to be one amongst them? Then Blueway Limited is the company you can rely on to assist with your claim.

Blueway Limited have in place sophisticated systems that track flight records, and act on your behalf in the whole process of your EU delayed flight compensation claim. Are you wondering how this system works and what is the amount that you need to pay for such a service?

You can rely on our extensive knowledge and our expertise. Firstly you would need to fill in our simple enquiry table on our Blueway Limited website. If your information meets the EU delayed flight compensation criteria, as mentioned above then your claim can progress. You will then receive an e-mail in which you will need to confirm whether you would like to proceed with our service. The next step for you would be to wait to have the successful compensation amount credited into your bank account or sent to you via cheque depending on how you prefer. At Blueway Limited our dedicated claims handling team who provide this service, will not rest until compensation is successfully won.

What if the airline companies use their own sources in an attempt to prove that such delays were not due to a technical or mechanical fault, or staffing and internal problems, but instead because of bad weather? At Blueway Limited we have systems that use full historical information about flights and weather information, which can disprove such attempts to avoid payments. This is achieved with the help of our vast experience that has been gathered over several years from the Transport and Aviation Industry.

You can be rest assured that our expert teams will work strenuously and diligently on your behalf. Our legal team and solicitors will not rest until they win the case for you. If even after several attempts the airlines still try to deny liability, then our experts are here to make sure that your compensation amount is paid with the help of the Local Courts.

Now you might be wondering what the cost is for such an extensive service, with a team that work entirely on your behalf? Well, our no win/ no fee amount is a minimal 20%+VAT, of the successful claimed amount. The service that we provide for compensation here at Blueway Limited is a strictly no win no fee compensation claims. You do not even have to pay for the engagement of our solicitor as it is included in our commission fee. Therefore you can relax and allow us to do all the work on your behalf, and to win you a successful compensation payment.

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