Increase In Claims Since The New Ruling

Posted on July, 17 2014 by Blueway Limited

new rulingThe Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have admitted that there will be a large increase in the number of legitimate flight delay compensation claims following the recent ruling against The judgment was announced last month on Wednesday 11th June when Mr Huzar successfully won the compensation that he rightfully deserved. However, since the ruling it has been estimated that thousands of passengers with similar claims will come forward to claim for flight delays, which could cost airlines billions. The ruling confirmed that technical problems causing flight disruptions should not be considered as an extraordinary circumstance and so this has opened the floodgates for thousands of similar claims. Mr Huzar was delayed 27-hours due to faulty wiring of a fuel valve circuit, which was said to have been unexpected, unforeseen and unforeseeable. Sometimes it is very difficult to identify technical problems until the damage is done.

Even with stringent maintenance checks some faults can be left undiscovered. This is why airlines cannot always anticipate what is going to happen and is the reason why in the past many airlines have been let off in court as it was believed that the technical faults were out of the airline’s control. Since the new ruling, from now on airlines can only cite technical faults as an excuse for not paying flight delay compensation if the fault was caused by an extraordinary event out of the airline’s control. For example, if a bird strike (which is classified as an extraordinary circumstance) causes a technical or mechanical fault inside the aircraft’s engine then this would be deemed as out of the airline’s control. Whereas, if a technical fault occurs prior to the scheduled departure – such as the fault that was discovered before the departure of Mr Huzar’s flight then this would be deemed as within the airline’s control and so the airline would be wholly responsible for this. Problems could range from faulty wiring, faulty batteries, engine failure, fuel leakages or electrical faults. All of which will not be considered as extraordinary circumstances since the new ruling.

The outcome of Mr Huzar’s case against has encouraged claiming for delayed flights even more so than before. The story generated much media attention and has helped to spread awareness about flight delay compensation and passenger rights. Many people are not aware that you can claim compensation for flights dating back as far as six years and now that passenger rights are becoming more and more refined, outcomes are looking promising. Passengers could be entitled to compensation ranging from 250 Euros up to 600 Euros, depending on the circumstances. In addition to this, compensation is issued per passenger and so if you were travelling in a group then you could be entitled to a much higher amount of compensation. If you would like to make a flight delay compensation claim (for a delay 3hrs or more) then contact a flight delay refunds company such as Blueway Limited who will be able to guide you through the claims process.

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