blog-bg v Huzar Appeal Case Judgement – 11th June 2014

Posted on June, 11 2014 by Blueway Limited

Flight Delay Refunds

Flight Delay Refunds

Today in the Royal Courts of Justice in London the Judgement was announced in the v Ronald Huzar appeal case hearing. The appeal by against the earlier ruling by your Honour Judge Platts in the Manchester County Court was dismissed and therefore the Courts upheld the previous decision in favour of Mr Huzar and refused Jet2’s argument that technical and mechanical failures can be classified as “extraordinary circumstances”. requested permission to appeal the decision but this was also declined. This is excellent news for passengers with regards to flight delay compensation although may now lodge an appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

The detailed judgement is attached. @ Huzar v Jet2 Appeal Case Judgement 11th June 2014

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