RyanAir Lands Itself in Trouble over Unscheduled Cancellations

Posted on October, 23 2017 by Blueway Limited

Ryanair managed to land itself in trouble again after canceling over 80 flights on the 18th of September 2017. The cancellations led to several passengers losing their temper with the carrier for ruining their holiday plans.

The decision was made as the result of a mismanagement that had affected scheduled leaves for pilots. The following day, Ryanair made things worse by calling for around 50 cancellations within the following 6 weeks.

According to a marketing officer working for the airline, passengers who had been booked onto flights till the 20th of September were already informed of the issue. He/she went on to add that the carrier had been putting in efforts to fix the solution concerning the leaves for pilots.

Problems Began Much Earlier

The problem began a little while ago when the carrier decided to make changes to its holiday year. Instead of operating from April to March, the firm now operates from January to December. However, since many of other staff had already taken their leaves for the year, the pilots were forced to reschedule their due leaves to September and October.

The issue has grown to be a significant problem, affecting the schedules of over 200, 000 passengers. Ryanair is now working to appease the infuriated passengers by offering alternative flights and compensations.

Customers were requested to monitor their emails to check for any updates regarding their flight status. The Ryanair website also hosted a new page where passengers could access a list of all the canceled flights. Based on the information provided on the page, there were more than 100 cancellations in the following weeks.

Passengers Don’t Trust Ryanair

Though the cancellations only account for about 2% of the carrier’s total flights, which does not affect their 90% target, the mismanagement is still a problem in terms of passenger satisfaction and perception. Also, the passengers affected by these cancellations have still been inconvenienced at the end of the day and many of them, as a result, took to social media to vent their frustration.

Some customers even went on to state that they did not trust Ryanair anymore. One passenger named Patricia Toth warned other prospective flyers to avoid Ryanair and added that her vacation was ruined with insecurity because what the carrier had done.

Another passenger by the name of Paul Waldron went on to tweet that Ryanair had ruined the travel plans of 2% of its customers, which was enough to scare the remaining 98%. He also commented sarcastically calling the issue “the best PR ever”.

It was also discovered that Ryanair’s attempts to appease flyers didn’t go as planned. For instance, the alternative flights arranged by the carrier ended up being of very little help to most of the passengers. In one case, a passenger who had to fly from Bratislava to Leeds was offered a flight to Bratislava instead of from it.

Ryanair is the most popular low-cost air carrier in Europe as of now. However, it has been plagued with disruptions and cancellations, which has caused most of its patrons to question the carrier’s credibility.

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