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Important Court Rulings which Changed the Face of Flight Delay Compensation in UK! Posted on August, 5 2015 by

There were a number of landmark court rulings which substantially altered the flight delay compensation parameters. Such delayed flight compensation clarified passenger doubts and pushed thi..
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What Does The Law Say About Flight Delay Compensation? Posted on May, 11 2015 by

The law of Flight Delay Compensation Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 is the regulation which talks about the compensation for flight delay. It also provides guidelines to passengers on matters r..
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What To Do When An Airline Refuses To Pay Compensation For A Flight Delay? Posted on February, 12 2014 by

In case it is found that a particular airline is responsible for a delay, it is possible for passengers to claim for compensation. Airline delay compensation amount will be calculated depend..
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