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What does Article 7 of EU Regulation 261/2004 say about Flight Delays? Posted on May, 28 2015 by

The detailed EU Regulation 261/2004 states out the rights of passengers in the case of an aircraft being delayed or cancelled. Other than flight delay rules, it also covers passengers’..
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Do I Need A Lawyer To Claim Flight Delay Compensation? Posted on April, 28 2014 by

The first step of the process to Claim EU Flight Delay compensation is contacting the airline. You will need to complete a Flight Delay Claim Letter, which is a written complaint, stating ex..
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How Much Can You Claim If You Have Suffered A Flight Delay? Posted on February, 19 2014 by

Well, this is a much researched question for there are many like you who have suffered due to inconveniences caused by flight delays. But now you have an option to claim flight compensation..
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