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What To Do When Your Travel Company Has Gone Bust? Posted on July, 6 2015 by

You may be excited about jetting off to far away destinations when something happens – your travel company goes broke. Even worse is when the airline you were supposed to travel with goes ..
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Research Shows That 3.27 Million Passengers May Be Missing Out Billions In Flight Delay Compensation Posted on June, 29 2015 by

As millions of British residents make holiday plans for the summer, they put their happiness in the hands of the airline companies, travel agencies and agents. Whether their holiday plans go..
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How to Claim Your Flight Delay Compensation More Expeditiously! Posted on May, 22 2015 by

Delayed flights are a bane for any passenger. However, passengers from all over the world experience them frequently due to several reasons. Flyers are protected from such vagaries by the EC..
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Did You Know You are Entitled for Compensation if Your Flight is Overbooked! Posted on May, 20 2015 by

If your flight is overbooked, you are entitled to compensations from the airline as mentioned in the EU flight rules. Overbooking is not similar to flight delay compensation claims, and ther..
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How Much Flight Delay Compensation Can You Claim! Posted on April, 9 2015 by

If your flight has been delayed, you may be entitled to compensation. EU rule 261/2004 states that if your flight is delayed by more than three hours and if it is the airline’s fault, ..
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