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Flight Delay Due to Bad Weather: Are You Eligible for Compensation? Posted on April, 8 2015 by

Your flight can be delayed or cancelled due to several reasons, the most common one being bad weather. Other reasons range from pre-planned strikes to vague explanations like ‘technica..
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Why are Airlines still Dragging their Feet when Paying out for Flight Delay Compensation? Posted on February, 25 2015 by

A large number of European airlines are accused of wilfully blocking flight delay compensation claims made by passengers for cancelled and delayed flights. These claims have been recorded de..
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How Can You Claim Your Flight Delay Compensation? Posted on February, 7 2014 by

Have you ever discovered that your flight is delayed upon reaching the airport? As a result, leading you to miss an important meeting or a scheduled holiday? Well, this is a problem that man..
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