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Why Airlines Are Wrong to Use the Excuse of “Knock on Effects” for a Flight Delay Posted on January, 7 2015 by

Passengers faced a lot of flight commotion following a computer system failure at the air traffic control office in the UK recently. National Air Traffic Services or NATS reported that a tec..
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How To Win Flight Delay Refunds Posted on May, 23 2014 by

The best way to win delayed flight refunds is to seek the assistance of a flight delay refunds company. Attempting to go through the process alone will be a complete nightmare and it will ca..
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The Huzar v Of Appeal Hearing Posted on May, 14 2014 by

The battle between airline companies and passengers has been ongoing for years now, without much speculation. Some cases win, some cases lose. It all depends on the circumstances. In the pas..
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