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Flight delay compensation – A look at some Landmark rulings! Posted on May, 4 2015 by

Passengers who experience the pain of delayed or cancelled flights have the right  to UK flight delay compensation as per European laws. According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, the amount ..
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Airlines Still Trying to Hide Behind Mechanical Defects Excuses. Posted on March, 9 2015 by

According to EU regulation 261/2004, if an EU flight is delayed for three hours or is cancelled and if the delay is not caused by an ‘extraordinary circumstance’, then the airlin..
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EU Flight Delay Compensation And How To Claim Posted on May, 27 2014 by

If you have been subject to a flight delay whilst travelling on a EU regulated flight that caused you to arrive at least 3 hours later than schedule then you could be entitled to claim Europ..
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Have You Experienced A Flight Delay Of More Than 3 Hours In The Last 6 Years? Posted on February, 11 2014 by

Have you ever experienced a flight delay? Or wondered what to do in case your flight is delayed? If such a situation arises, it is necessary to ask the relevant airline to providea full reas..
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