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UK Airports to Adopt Speedier Boarding Process to Check Flight Delays! Posted on July, 2 2015 by

As per a report by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), a lot of airports in the UK are not performing up to the mark as far as timely flights are concerned. The CAA tested ten airports in th..
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Germanwings Pilot Strike February 2015! Posted on March, 23 2015 by

On February 12, 2015 pilots from Lufthansa’s low-cost airline Germanwings, went on a two-day strike. This airline news about Germanwings dominated the month of February, especially since p..
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Court denies stays for Jet2, Ryanair & Wizz Air! Posted on February, 27 2015 by

On February 25th 2015 at Liverpool County Court 3 airlines – Jet2, Ryanair & Wizz Air – requested to put all flight compensation claims on hold – both litigated and..
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Which are the Safest Airlines in the World? Posted on February, 23 2015 by

2014 was not a good year for airline companies. The airline industry witnessed tragedies like the disappearance of a Malaysian Airline flight and the AirAsia crash. There were 21 recorded fa..
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