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CAA to Monitor Punctuality in 24 UK Airports! Posted on July, 24 2015 by

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) now monitors 24 airports in the country. This step will significantly raise the quality bar and increase passenger choice as an overwhelming 97 percent ..
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Why You Need a Professional in Claiming Flight Delay Compensation? Posted on April, 16 2015 by

For a traveller, not many situations can be more frustrating than waiting at an airport or being stranded at an unfamiliar location for long. The problem is amplified when passengers are wai..
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Flight Delay Due to Bad Weather: Are You Eligible for Compensation? Posted on April, 8 2015 by

Your flight can be delayed or cancelled due to several reasons, the most common one being bad weather. Other reasons range from pre-planned strikes to vague explanations like ‘technica..
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