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BA Flight Route Changes and Delays Annoy Holidaymakers! Posted on August, 17 2015 by

In recent UK flight delay news, many holidaymakers were left more than mildly annoyed when they landed more than two hours over the time than it normally takes for a flight to cover the dist..
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CAA to Monitor Punctuality in 24 UK Airports! Posted on July, 24 2015 by

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) now monitors 24 airports in the country. This step will significantly raise the quality bar and increase passenger choice as an overwhelming 97 percent ..
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Jet2, Aer Lingus and Wizz Air Warned to Look into their Flight Delay Compensation Practices! Posted on March, 26 2015 by

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued warnings to three major airlines – the British Jet2, the Hungarian Wizz Air and the Irish Aer Lingus – for their practices relating ..
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Jet2 and their Prolonged Excuses not to Pay Flight Delay Refunds. Posted on March, 17 2015 by

Last year, the Supreme court discarded Jet2 – the budget carrier’s contention that technical problems were extraordinary circumstances (Jet2.Com Limited Vs Huzar case). The judge..
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Flights with Several First Class and Business Customers Given Priority. Posted on March, 11 2015 by

Air passengers travelling by economy class are not privy to any perks. They in fact, have to deal with pesky seat arrangements and fight for the best seats every time they book a ticket. Fur..
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Why Airlines Are Wrong to Use the Excuse of “Knock on Effects” for a Flight Delay Posted on January, 7 2015 by

Passengers faced a lot of flight commotion following a computer system failure at the air traffic control office in the UK recently. National Air Traffic Services or NATS reported that a tec..
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Effect of UK Space Closure Posted on January, 3 2015 by

Principal flight service provider of UK, National Air Traffic Services (NATS), faced heavy criticism and humiliation following the space closure on December 12 caused by a technical glitch i..
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