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Coping with Flight Delays and Cancellations Posted on September, 5 2014 by

Travelling abroad is hard enough when everything goes according to plan, but when an unexpected flight delay or cancellation occurs it can be a terribly stressful experience. Flight delays a..
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Flight Delays And Compensation Posted on May, 22 2014 by

Thousands of people all over the world are unaware that they are entitled to claim compensation for flight delays. The result of this is that airlines remain rich and powerful while passenge..
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How Difficult Is It To Claim Flight Delay Compensation For Technical Failures? Posted on April, 23 2014 by

Technical failures have tended to be a rather grey area when it comes to Flight Compensation (the same applies to mechanical faults). Airlines make countless excuses to justify themselves an..
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Airlines Reluctance To Pay Out For Flight Delays Posted on February, 18 2014 by

Running an airline is a business and every business aims to make a profit. Paying out compensation means giving away part of the company’s income, which in turn means loss of earnings for ..
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