Harvi Sidhu

Some time ago my sister had sent Blueway Ltd my contact details as she had heard about delayed flight compensations.

Myself and my family had had a nightmare journey to India some years ago, which resulted in delays, missed connecting flights and lost luggage. I had made numerous attempts at contacting the airline with a view to getting some sort of compensation, only to be told that as the delays were due to technical issues I wouldn’t be entitled to anything.

Blueway contacted me and took all of the details from me for the flights and passengers. I have then literally sat back and not had to do anything.

I am very happy to have now recieved a settlement for myself and my family. It has been a very simple and pain free experience and I will be recommending Blueway to my friends and family.

I would like thank Blueway Ltd and Stephen Godden for helping me get this payout which has been a silver lining to the ordeal we had at the time.

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