Marie Cowie (Leeds)

Posted on March, 31 2016 by Blueway Limited

Regarding 10 hour delayed flight from Manchester to Cancun

My family and I had a 10 hour delay to Mexico in August 2012. I had contacted Thomas Cook a couple of months after the holiday asking for compensation as I felt it had ruined our holiday before we arrived there. I was sent a letter from Thomas Cook saying extraordinary circumstances and no compensation would be paid. I then wrote to them again after I saw that the denied Boarding Regulations had been upheld in the European Court of Justice and again Thomas Cook sent me a letter saying extraordinary circumstances. On the 28th June 2013 I was told about the webpage for flight delay refunds: I entered all my details and the passengers that went with me and received a reply straight away from Stephen Godden at Blueway Limited. Stephen has kept me updated in how my case was going with the tour company and on August 1st 2013 Stephen contacted me to let me know the good news that my party of 5 had received 3000 Euros from Thomas Cook, which worked out at £2600. That is brilliant, I feel like I have won the lottery. This has only taken Stephen and his company just over a month to finalise. I just want to thank Stephen and his team for all the hard work they did in processing my claim, and managing to get through the closed doors that I was unable to get through. I would recommend Stephen and his team to anyone.

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