Mike And Sue

Posted on March, 31 2016 by Blueway Limited

Earlier this year I became aware that I might be able to claim compensation under EC Regulations for a long delay on a flight with Easyjet from Majorca in 2011.My claim was made direct to the airline and rejected by it.The Civil Aviation Authority could not help me as the flight in question had not been from a UK airport. I was about to give up when I came across a reference to Blueway Ltd ( and decided to contact the company for assistance.My complaint was taken up in the middle of June and on 11 July I received an email from Easyjet telling me that I (and my party) was entitled to 1500 euros compensation for the delay.This compensation has now been paid.I am delighted both with the result and the speed with which it has been achieved.I have no hesitation in recommending Blueway’s services to anyone seeking to pursue a similar claim.

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