The Airlines Battle With Compensation

Posted on April, 2 2014 by Blueway Limited

Airlines are currently battling against a backlog of cases concerning Airline Flight Delay Compensation. Customers are well within their rights to claim compensation for Delayed Flights if they feel they have been let down by the airline. For travellers, suffering any delay or change of plan can be extremely stressful and could potentially ruin a holiday. It is within the airline’s duty of care to maintain a schedule, avoiding delays at all cost. Therefore it is only right to compensate those who suffer from delayed journeys along with ensuring that the correct regulations are in place to protect these individuals.

The battle that is seen today lies with defining whether a claim is valid or not. Airlines like to challenge 95% of claims made against them in the hope of getting let off. Only 5% of claims are settled without any court action. Even though for the majority of the time, the passengers are well within their rights to claim. Airlines try to make the process as difficult as possible so that the passengers eventually just give up and go away. For example, last year Monarch refused Steve Moulton-Brady and his eight friends’ compensation following 7.45-hour delay on their return flight back from Tenerife.This case has been appealed and will be going through the courts. Therefore solicitors specialising in Flight Delay Compensation (Blueway) are becoming a necessity when making a claim for Airline Flight Delays.

Blueway Limited Aviation is an example of a service that offers expert legal advice for Airline Flight Delay Compensation Claims. They have recovered enormous amounts of money in compensation for Delayed Flights for thousands of airline passengers from 40 different airlines in their first year. They are an example of a service that customers can use, to seek assistance when battling for flight delay compensation. If you are serious about claiming compensation but just don’t know the best way around it, or don’t have the time or resources to stand a fighting chance, contact Blueway Limited.

Under European Union rules, airlines must compensate customers between 250 and 600 euros for cancelled or heavily delayed flights that are flying in or out of an airport in a member state of the European Union, operated by a European airline. This also applies to customers if they have been denied boarding due to overbooking. Many airlines are now offering holiday compensation insurance policies to ensure that passengers are compensated for any unforeseen flight delays. However, the battle with flight delay compensation will continue. Saying that, there have been recent advances as a new legislation tightened the definition of an extraordinary circumstance. It has been predicted that by 2015, only delays caused by natural disasters or air traffic control strikes can be defined as an extraordinary circumstance. Therefore delays caused by technical and mechanical problems, identified during aircraft maintenance cannot be classified as out of the airline’s control. With these stricter rules and the process becoming more and more in favour of passengers, it will make it much harder for airlines to battle against customers.

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