What to do if the Airline Says ‘No’ to Your Flight Delay Compensation Claims ?

Posted on June, 3 2015 by Blueway Limited

Nearly 25 percent of all flights get delayed in some way. According to the CAA, the on time numbers for flights have been getting smaller by the day. There are several reasons for it and even the airlines themselves cannot avoid certain delays. If the airline is to blame for their tardiness, then they will have to provide their passengers with a flight delay compensation. There is a regulation set by the EU in this respect and all EU airliners fall under it. Known as the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, it is a detailed document that outlines every reason, way, and even the amount that the erring airline will have to give out as flight delay compensation.

Flight delay compensation claims

If your flight was unreasonably delayed, causing you to miss out on a connecting flight or any other important appointment, you can file for a certain amount of compensation from the carrier for your losses. The airline in response, can either honour your claims or reject it. They are, however, under obligation of the law to pay out when the claims are made by a passenger and they fulfil the following criteria:

  • The passenger travelled from an EU airport, the passenger arrived at an EU airport, or if the airline was registered and is run out of an EU country.
  • The passenger holds a fully paid up, confirmed reservation and ticket, if the passenger observed the proper check in time mentioned by the airline.
  • The flight is delayed by over two hours for a flight that is to cover 1,500 km, three hours for a flight that is set to cover between 1,500 and 3,500 km, and over four hours for a flight that is set to cover over 3,500 km. If the delays exceed five hours for flights of any duration, compensation is to be paid.
  • If the flights get delayed and eventually cancelled.
  • The delays were caused by the airline.

If you are clear on the above mentioned points, you can claim flight delay compensation. Airlines however, are more likely to deny your claims. Most airliners claim that extraordinary circumstances were the reason for their delays. As per the regulation, a delay in flight caused by such extraordinary circumstances is not eligible for flight delay compensation.

What to do if the claims are rejected

It has been found that only about 2 percent of flight delays are even claimed, and of these, a small percentage is honoured. If your claims are rejected and you have reason to believe that the delays were not caused by extraordinary circumstances, contact flight delay claim companies. Such companies have professionals who have a lot of experience in the field and have made numerous successful claims in the past. Flight delay claim companies also have the data and legal know how on flight related information and can make sure that you receive what is owed to you from the airline.

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