What To Do When An Airline Refuses To Pay Compensation?

Posted on February, 12 2014 by Blueway Limited

In case it is found that a particular airline is responsible for a delay, it is possible for passengers to claim for compensation. Airline delay compensation amount will be calculated depending on the distance that is being covered by the passenger as well as being calculated on the flight route. If the flight destination is within the European Union, then there are different compensations that can be offered. It is around 400 Euros for a flight that covers over 1,500 km and 250 Euros in cases where flights cover up to 1,500 km.

Outside the EU there are different claim plans that can be charged by the passenger. 250 Euros for any flight that covers up to 1,500 km,400 Euros for flights covering 1,500 – 3,500 km and 600 Euros for over 3,500 km can easily be charged. Compensation for flight delays enables passengers to receive a refund for their flights that have been delayed. There are professionals who make use of their extensive knowledge and expertise. They make use of flight data systems that enable management ofthe delay claims process to be done in controlled stages.

In case you find that the airline company that you are dealing with are not showing any signs of interest in refunding you, then you may find it becomes necessary to get in contact with a company experienced in dealing with such cases. Their expertise will be able to aid in the airline claims compensation procedure with ease. They will be responsible for submitting the original claim as well as relevant documents that will be based on the EC regulation. This part of the procedure will help to deal with responses from the airline. There are also legal professionals involved who are responsible for recovering compensation for passenger.

Is it possible for an airline to turn out a claim? Airlines can deny payouts to passengers when you ask for compensation for flight delays. There are payouts that can be delayed if it is beyond control or due to any extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather condition or a strike. Such unavoidable circumstance does not remove a duty of care. There are rules that mention that airlines are expected to offer passengers necessary accommodation, refreshments and meals as well as transport for traveling between the airport and the accommodation.

It is also possible to claim for cancelled flight compensation. Airlines do not have authority to break rules and they are bound by the obligations. In case an airline turns down a claim due to some extraordinary circumstance, then you can also challenge this situation and therefore passengers will be responsible for writing an explanation to the airline. The civil aviation authority will be responsible for analyzing the situation and they will go through the necessary steps to get your compensation that you deserve.

Airline delay compensation will ensure that passengers get their refund. The experts at Blueway Limited will take the legal action against the airline if they fail to pay out compensation and will be able to reclaim your money. The correct legal steps are adopted in order to ensure proper refunds are paid out to travelers and give them peace of mind.

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