When Can You Claim Compensation!

Posted on April, 2 2015 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays are the number one complaint from regular air travellers. In many cases, such delays result in a loss of time and money, for no fault of the passengers. EU regulations make it clear that airlines have to take responsibility for their passengers and ensure that they reach their destinations on time. It may not always be possible as delays sometimes are inevitable, but airlines have to take every step possible to schedule their flights on time. If not, they have to provide monetary compensations to their passengers. If you have been a victim of delayed or cancelled flights, here are a few things to keep in mind relating to flight delay claims.

The Denied Boarding Regulation

The Denied Boarding Regulation has been put into place to protect the interests of all passengers flying in and out of the EU, regardless of which airline they opt for. The regulation also covers you, the passenger, if you are flying in to the EU or flying through the EU, with connecting flights. The regulation is applicable if you:

  • Have a booking that is confirmed
  • You are on time (according to the airline’s rules) or reach the airport 45 minutes before the flight departure
  • If you are flying into an EU airport, out of an EU airport on a community carrier.

Are you entitled to file flight delay claims?

The regulation has a clear and specific set of situations that qualify for a ‘delay’:

  • Three hours or more for flights within the EU, covering more than 1500 km.
  • Over three hours for all long haul flights that cover more than 3500 km.
  • You arrive at the destination more than three hours after the scheduled time of arrival, due to your flight delay

The extent of flight delay compensation claims you are entitled to receive depends on the duration of the flight and the time delay. Apart from monetary compensation, you are also liable to receive meals, phone calls and accommodation. If you are not provided with the same immediately, you can pay for the services yourself and later have those bills reimbursed by the airline later. Special attention has to be paid to unaccompanied children and those with disabilities.

How to file flight delay claims

If you are delayed and stranded at an airport for too long or longer than what is specified in the regulations, you might want to file for flight delay claims. The first step is to talk to the ground staff and explain your situation to them. More often than not, your requests will either be ignored or big promises will be made, which obviously results in adding to your frustration. The next thing to do, if you are serious about your claims, will be to contact a flight delay specialist company. They have a lot of experience in these procedures and are also aware of the tactics that airliners use to avoid paying up. They can get you through the procedures for a small fee and make sure you receive what is due.

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