Will You Prefer Private Planes To Avoid Flight Delays And Hassles?

Posted on July, 13 2015 by Blueway Limited

Flight delaysPlanning holidays with loved ones and having everything in place – right from the hotel reservations to airplane tickets is one part of the process. Sadly, flight delays are also a part of it. Passengers of several airlines, even the most reputed and trusted ones, have faced flight delays. After all bad weather conditions or technical faults are not all the uncommon. In fact, plenty of airlines are expecting a rise in flight delay compensation claims this time of the year as summers are said to be a bad time for the punctuality of flights. Weather can get unpredictable during summers, making it difficult for the weather forecast department to warn airlines about impending thunderstorms or showers.

To ensure that their holidays are not spent fighting for flight delay refunds, a lot of travellers prefer private planes, and they have plenty of reasons to do so

They are convenient and save time

Before you get to the private jet, let’s think about the journey while boarding a commercial flight. You leave your house at least a couple of hours before your flight’s scheduled departure. Once you reach the airport and are allowed to get started with the security check, you have to be a part of several queues – from immigration checks to baggage deposit. Not just that, you have to wait till all your co-passengers are done rushing from one security gate to another. Compare it to private jets, that don’t take more than five to ten minutes of your time. Plus, once you reach your destination, you have a car waiting for you to take you to your place of accommodation.

Certain private business jets even offer direct flights, which means no more unnecessary connecting flights. Think about all the time you can save!

Flexible timings

Your holiday need not revolve around the availability of a commercial plane.With a private plane, you get the freedom of travelling when you wish to. Your private jet will never take off without you; if you are running late, you can inform the operator about it, something that you can never do with a commercial plane. Private jets can be availed just a few hours before the departure too.


On a private jet, you can expect quality service – right from luxurious furnishings to comfortable, spacious seating, your individual preferences are looked into on a private jet.

You can travel with your pets

A lot of people who treat their pets like family members do not like the idea of leaving behind their pets while they set off on a holiday. While pets are allowed on certain commercial planes, they are caged throughout the journey and the process can get tiring and complicated. On a private jet, your pets are treated with utmost care.

However, it does not mean that private jets are free from negatives. Flying with them can be comparatively costlier and not all jets may match up to your quality standards. So which flying option will you choose for your next air travel?

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