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Posted on March, 13 2020 by Blueway Limited

Russia can hold her head high – the country’s flagship airline Aeroflot has recently been declared the most on-time mainline airline in the world. This ranking has come in the “On-Time Performance (OTP) Review”, written by global consultancy and advisory firm Cirium.

According to aviation terminology, On-time performance refers to how punctual an airline/airport is, in delivering its service. An airline is said to be on-time only if it arrives or departs within 15 minutes of its scheduled arrival or departure time.

Based on the Cirium report, Aeroflot was on-time for an estimated 87% of the time. According to CEO of Cirium Jeremy Bowen, the Russian airline has in place a higher number of controls and efficient processes, compared to other airlines, which give it a considerable advantage in being the first to arrive and depart.

In fact, the airline’s success seems to have rubbed-off on Russian airports as well. Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport – which serves over 140 destinations – was found to be the most punctual airport in the world, with 95.01% of all flights arriving and departing on-time.

The other members of the dream team

Apart from Aeroflot, other airlines that were lauded for their on-time performance were All Nippon Airways (ANA) from Japan (86.26% OTP), Delta Air Lines from USA (85.69%), Azul Brazilian Airlines from Brazil (83.5% OTP) and another Japanese provider – Japan Airlines (82.2% OTP); which rounded-off the Top 5 in mainline airlines.

The A-team of the low-cost airlines were StarFlyer (91.4% OTP), Air Do (90.42% OTP) & Solaseed Air (88.05%) all from Japan, Spain’s Iberia Express (87.05% OTP) and Columbia’s Viva Air Colombia (86.94% OTP).

In fact, each of the Top 10 in both the mainline and lost-cost carriers list had on-time performances higher than 79.8%. Travelling in any of these flights will ensure travellers are always on-time.

How does the UK fare?

It’s a known fact that the quality of air service in the UK has been dropping steadily. The region has had its fair share of airline delays and cancellations. Findings in the Cirium report have shown that Virgin Atlantic is the most-punctual of UK flights. But don’t let its Number 1 position fool you. Its OTP is a mere 78.23%. Given that the carrier had one of the fewest flights in 2019 – 22,362 to be exact – this OTP isn’t to its credit. British Airways performed just as dismally, with an OTP of 76.98%.

On the Irish side of the fence, the country’s flagship budget carrier Ryanair came just a little short of BA, falling between 76% and 77% OTP. Right behind it was Aer Lingus (75.23% OTP). Ending the Top 5 list in the UK is EasyJet, which has the lowest OTP at 73.78%.

The most delayed flights in 2019

At the other end of the OTP, the spectrum is the worst performers in the aviation world. So, who were the tardiest in 2019?

Standing at Number 1 on this list is Tunisair from Tunisia (40.34% OTP), Aigle Azur from France (58.07% OTP), Saudi Arabian Airlines (61.84% OTP), Egyptair (61.86% OTP) and  TAP Portugal (63.11% OTP).

Incidentally, the top 5 most unpunctual airlines were the most-delayed in 2018 itself, with both Tunisair and Aigle Azur having actually become worse with the passing year.

Travelling by one of these airlines may lead to extensive delays and maybe even cancellations. Speak to us at Flight Delay Refunds for advice about flight compensation.


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