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The Importance Of Claiming Correctly Against The Airlines For Compensation Posted on February, 21 2014 by

Have you experienced a flight delay while traveling abroad, and has it happened recently? Have you already filed for a claim asking for compensation from the specified airline? Are you sure ..
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How Much Can You Claim If You Have Suffered A Flight Delay? Posted on February, 19 2014 by

Well, this is a much researched question for there are many like you who have suffered due to inconveniences caused by flight delays. But now you have an option to claim flight compensation..
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Airlines Reluctance To Pay Out For Flight Delays Posted on February, 18 2014 by

Running an airline is a business and every business aims to make a profit. Paying out compensation means giving away part of the company’s income, which in turn means loss of earnings for ..
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How To Get Guaranteed Compensations For Airline Flight Delays? Posted on February, 14 2014 by

How much have you wanted to make airline companies pay you for the losses you have incurred due to their flight delays? Well, this is a common problem that happens all too often in passenger..
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What To Do When An Airline Refuses To Pay Compensation For A Flight Delay? Posted on February, 12 2014 by

In case it is found that a particular airline is responsible for a delay, it is possible for passengers to claim for compensation. Airline delay compensation amount will be calculated depend..
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Have You Experienced A Flight Delay Of More Than 3 Hours In The Last 6 Years? Posted on February, 11 2014 by

Have you ever experienced a flight delay? Or wondered what to do in case your flight is delayed? If such a situation arises, it is necessary to ask the relevant airline to providea full reas..
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What Is The EC Regulation 261/2004? Posted on February, 10 2014 by

Did you know that a delayed flight can mean you are due a generous amount of money? Well, yes, it’strue. Many people are still unaware of the fact that flight delays mean you can claim mon..
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How Can You Claim Your Compensation? Posted on February, 7 2014 by

Have you ever discovered that your flight is delayed upon reaching the airport? As a result, leading you to miss an important meeting or a scheduled holiday? Well, this is a problem that man..
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