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Mechanical Failures And Flight Delay Compensation Posted on March, 28 2014 by

Aeroplanes have approximately 6 million working parts, which essentially means 6 million chances for something to go wrong. The intricate mechanisms within the engine of an aircraft along wi..
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Extraordinary Circumstances And Flight Delay Posted on March, 27 2014 by

Confusion is common when it comes to EU Flight Cancellation and Extraordinary Circumstances versus non-extraordinary circumstances. Airlines are not liable to pay out any Flight Delay Compen..
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Flight Delay Refunds Posted on March, 26 2014 by

If you have recently experienced a flight delay of 3 hours or more then you could be entitled to claim Flight Delay Refunds of up to 600 Euros per person – the later you arrive, the mo..
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How To Claim For Flight Delay Refunds? Posted on March, 24 2014 by

Flight Delay Refunds is a new phenomenon that battles against airline companies that have succeeded in getting away without paying Flight Delay Compensation for years. Meaning that billions ..
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The Issues With Claiming Flight Delay Compensation Posted on March, 21 2014 by

There is an abundant amount of various issues when it comes to Flight Delay Compensation Claims. One of the most distressing issues when it comes to Flight Delay Claims is the fact that ther..
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