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Do I Need A Lawyer To Claim Compensation? Posted on April, 28 2014 by

The first step of the process to Claim EU Flight Delay compensation is contacting the airline. You will need to complete a Flight Delay Claim Letter, which is a written complaint, stating ex..
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How Difficult Is It To Claim Compensation For Technical Failures? Posted on April, 23 2014 by

Technical failures have tended to be a rather grey area when it comes to Flight Compensation (the same applies to mechanical faults). Airlines make countless excuses to justify themselves an..
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I Want To Make A Compensation Claim For A Flight Delay Posted on April, 21 2014 by

If you have experienced a Flight Delay, cancellation, re-route or if you have been denied boarding due to overbooking then you could be eligible to Claim Flight Compensation for up to 600 e..
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David And Goliath – The Battle With Taking On The Airlines To Claim EC Flight Delay Refunds Posted on April, 16 2014 by

You may be aware of the Biblical story of David and Goliath where David, a young shepherd boy had to fight against the giant Philistine warrior, Goliath. Everyone laughed at the idea of Davi..
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Calculate How Much Compensation You Can Claim For A Flight Delay Posted on April, 14 2014 by

If you have experienced a flight delay recently and you’re curious to how much compensation you could be entitled to then don’t hesitate to seek the help of professionals who are able to..
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When To Claim For Flight Delay Compensation Posted on April, 3 2014 by

Whether your flight delay, cancellation, re-route or diversion was last week or six years ago, European Regulation rules state that if have been delayed at least 3 hours then you could be en..
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The Airlines Battle With Compensation Posted on April, 2 2014 by

Airlines are currently battling against a backlog of cases concerning Airline Flight Delay Compensation. Customers are well within their rights to claim compensation for Delayed Flights if t..
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Technical Failures And Flight Delay Compensation Posted on April, 1 2014 by

There has been recently speculation as to whether a Flight Delay Technical Problem can be classified as an extraordinary circumstance or not. An extraordinary circumstance is anything out of..
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