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Passenger Rights and Reduced Mobility Rights Posted on August, 28 2014 by

Passengers who require special assistance when travelling abroad have had to go to great lengths to receive the care that they need and in the past, many of these passengers have been discri..
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Widespread Fear After This Year’s Plane Crashes And Disappearances Posted on August, 28 2014 by

2014 has been an awful year for air travel, with the disappearance of Malaysia Airways flight MH370 as well as the three fatal plane crashes that occurred last month many people have been pu..
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Severe Turbulence Fractures A Ryanair Cabin Crew Member’s Pelvis Posted on August, 28 2014 by

A number of new safety recommendations have been set after a cabin crew member sustained a serious injury as a result of severe turbulence on board a Ryan air flight. The severe turbulence c..
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More Baggage Chaos At Gatwick Airport Posted on August, 27 2014 by

On 30th July 2014, Gatwick Airport made an announcement to warn passengers about the expected baggage chaos that would last for the duration of the weekend (01/08/14 – 03/08/14. During the..
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Flights Over European Airspace Have Been Warned About Another Icelandic Volcanic Eruption Posted on August, 27 2014 by

When the Icelandic volcano ‘Eyjafjallajokull’ erupted back in 2010, approximately 10 million people had no option but to stay where they were as airlines were not operating. This led to ..
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Punctuality From UK Airports Have Been Recorded As The Best In 10 Years Posted on August, 26 2014 by

Punctuality from UK airports has reached an all time high since records began back in 1992. In July 2014, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) released figures that showed that 84% of schedule..
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Dubai International Airport Overtaking London Heathrow As The World’s Busiest Airport Posted on August, 25 2014 by

Dubai International Airport became the busiest airport in the world for international passengers, carrying more passengers for 3 consecutive months during the first quarter overtaking London..
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Military Jets Had To Escort A Qatar Airways Flight Due To A Bomb Hoax Threat Posted on August, 21 2014 by

On 5th August 2014, passengers on board a Qatar Airways flight QR23 from Doha to Manchester were shocked when they looked out of the aeroplane window to see an RAF Typhoon jet flying beside ..
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July 2014 – The 5th Worst Month In Aviation History Posted on August, 20 2014 by

July 2014 has been an extremely tragic month in terms of fatalities. There have been three major accidents in July, which has made it the 5th worst month in aviation history. These high-prof..
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