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Research Shows That 3.27 Million Passengers May Be Missing Out Billions In Flight Delay Compensation Posted on June, 29 2015 by

As millions of British residents make holiday plans for the summer, they put their happiness in the hands of the airline companies, travel agencies and agents. Whether their holiday plans go..
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Claiming Flight Delay Compensation: How Long Will It Take? Posted on June, 24 2015 by

The time taken to complete the process of delayed flight compensation claims depends on the route taken by the claimant. The airlines does not have to give you a response within an official ..
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Eligibility For a Denied Boarding Compensation! Posted on June, 8 2015 by

There are a number situations where an airline may choose to deny your boarding, the most common reason by far being overbooking. It is the practice where an airline sells more tickets than ..
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What to do When Your Holiday Flight is Delayed or Cancelled? Posted on June, 4 2015 by

The summer months are known to be filled with people holidaying. People living in cold areas holiday in warmer climates and those in warm places go to colder spots. It calls for a lot of tra..
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What to do if the Airline Says ‘No’ to Your Flight Delay Compensation Claims ? Posted on June, 3 2015 by

Nearly 25 percent of all flights get delayed in some way. According to the CAA, the on time numbers for flights have been getting smaller by the day. There are several reasons for it and eve..
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