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Woman With Cerebral Palsy Forced Off British Airways Flight – Paralympians Demand Justice Posted on February, 24 2016 by

Athena Stevens, a 31-year-old woman who suffers from cerebral palsy, was allegedly forced to disembark from a British Airways flight in October 2015. The airline forced the disabled passenge..
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Passengers Can Now Claim Flight Compensation Even in “Lightning Strike” Scenario Posted on February, 22 2016 by

UK Judge rules that lightning strikes are not included in the list of “extraordinary circumstances” that airline companies can use to defend themselves against claims for flight delay co..
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Angered Passenger Sends Bailiffs to Force Ryanair into Paying his Compensation Posted on February, 17 2016 by

Budget airline companies are sometimes notorious for charging a fee for minor things like printing the boarding pass or choosing seats. But with Lucas Marshall, an airline company crossed th..
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10 Billion Euros Worth of Compensation Left Unclaimed Posted on February, 15 2016 by

Experts have estimated that more than €10 billion worth of passenger compensation due to flight delays and other inconveniences is left unclaimed. Passengers can claim compensation for the..
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