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Easy Jet and Virgin Atlantic Ranked as the Worst in Terms of Flight Delays and Compensation Posted on March, 28 2016 by

In a recently conducted survey involving air carriers, Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet were ranked as the worst carriers in the world. EasyJet, the Luton-based air carrier was ranked as second i..
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Heavy Snow Shuts Down Leeds Bradford Airport Posted on March, 25 2016 by

Heavy snow once again reined havoc in parts of Britain, last Friday. Many flights had been delayed and motorists were forced to navigate dangerous, snow laden roads. Spring seems to be delay..
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RyanAir Flight Delayed Due to Ruckus Created by a Stag Do Group Posted on March, 24 2016 by

Six inebriated male passengers, who were part of a stag do group, were forced off a RyanAir flight for causing trouble, mid-air. The incident took place last Friday on the RyanAir flight, FR..
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Spillage at Gatwick Airport Delays Several Flights Posted on March, 24 2016 by

A minimum of 19 flights that were supposed to land at the Gatwick Airport were diverted to other landing locations after the Gatwick runway was shut down between 10:15 AM and 11:40 AM. The s..
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