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RyanAir states all claims have to be handled in Irish courts Posted on January, 27 2017 by

Popular Irish Airlines, RyanAir, has stated in a recent court case that they no longer accept claims made in English courts. The case has caused concerns over passenger delay rights. The EU ..
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Fog Disrupts Christmas Flights in the UK Posted on January, 25 2017 by

According to reports from top British airlines, extreme fog in London led to the delays of several flights from three of the city’s key airports during the last week of December 2016. Pass..
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3 Women Have Dream Flight Experience after Delay Posted on January, 23 2017 by

Laura Stevens, Laurie-Lin Waller and Sarah Hunt had the best flight experience possible as they were the only 3 passengers on a British Airways flight. Their flight was delayed by over 3 hou..
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New Research Suggests That Airlines Should Work on Customer Complaints Resolution Posted on January, 19 2017 by

According to the latest research published by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), around 89% of air travellers report being satisfied with the service provided on flights. However, as far as..
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EU Launches New Aviation Strategy Posted on January, 5 2017 by

The aviation industry in Europe contributes 2.1% to Europe’s GDP and employs close to five million people in the European Union currently. In December 2015, the European Union (EU) came up..
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Drunken Mother Delays British Airways Flight Posted on January, 3 2017 by

A party of drunken revelers were forcefully escorted off a British Airways flight from Tenerife to London Gatwick. The group included a woman, who was carrying a baby and was accompanied by ..
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