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Computer Glitch Leads to Flight Cancellations Posted on February, 24 2017 by

The outage was solved around 11 PM and the flights were resumed. Even so, around 25 flight delays still occurred, leaving many passengers stranded on the ground. Some flights were cancelled ..
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Worst Performing UK Airlines and How to Claim Compensation for Your Inconvenience Posted on February, 22 2017 by

British airlines. The shameful observation is not only true for budget airlines but for the regular airlines as well. According to a Mirror report, easyJet, the FTSE 250 company, reportedly ..
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Flight Delays for Passengers Flying To and From Sri Lanka Posted on February, 20 2017 by

Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, may be out of bounds for many international passengers, especially tourists for the next three months. The reason is that the runway in its main..
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Cabin Crew Walkout Leads to Flight Cancellations Posted on February, 16 2017 by

Due to brewing discontent among the “mixed fleet” cabin crew of British Airways, a three-day walkout is being staged at Heathrow airport. While the allegations are regarding pay disparit..
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