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Triggering Article 50 and Compensating Flight Delays Posted on May, 19 2017 by

As a British traveler, you’ve always looked forward to that summer vacation. It’s the one chance you have to get away from that sober, chilly weather. However, summer holidays for the av..
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British Airports Where Passengers Have a Greater Chance of Being Delayed Posted on May, 17 2017 by

According to the latest statistics, flights from some of UK’s most busy airports are twice as likely to be delayed today, than they were 5 years ago. In terms of percentage, the increase i..
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Will Brexit Affect Compensation? Posted on May, 15 2017 by

On 23rd June, the UK voted to give up its position as a member of the EU. There are those who support the move and then, there are those who don’t. It’s almost 50-50. However, one thing ..
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Busy Summer Ahead for Liverpool John Lennon Airport Posted on May, 11 2017 by

According to latest reports, the Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LILA) will be experiencing another busy summer this year. It is believed that the number of flyers has grown by 7% compared to..
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The Real Cause for Flight Delays Posted on May, 5 2017 by

Flight delays are a continuing issue that isn’t likely to end anytime soon. A delayed flight affects everybody from passengers to governments. That’s why everybody goes around looking fo..
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The Sad Case of Airline Systems Posted on May, 2 2017 by

If you’ve been following the news in recent times, you would be well aware about the increasing count of technology errors bringing down the American airline industry. Seventeen dramatic i..
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