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How to Pay Less and Get the Best Seats on a Flight Posted on June, 28 2017 by

Some people have the fear of flying and then there are those of us who have the fear of flying, sitting in a cramped seat. Yes, there are very few experiences that can be worse than travelin..
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New Survey Finds One in Four Flights are Late Among These Carriers Posted on June, 27 2017 by

According to a new report by Which? Magazine, one out of every three Easy Jet flights is delayed by a minimum of 15 minutes. The study looked at figures provided by the CAA (Civil Aviation A..
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Wi-Fi Name Causes Thomson Flight Delay Posted on June, 26 2017 by

Several travelers aboard a Thomson Airways flight experienced a delay after one passenger came across a Wi-Fi hotspot titled “Jihadist Cell London 1”. The flight was scheduled to take of..
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IT Trouble Causes Massive Flight Delays for British Airways Posted on June, 23 2017 by

Over several thousand British Airway (BA) passengers will be applying for flight delay compensation, thanks to a global IT failure that impacted the air carrier’s operations during the las..
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Baggage Loader Crash Delays EasyJet Flight Posted on June, 21 2017 by

A crash involving a baggage loader led to the 4-hour delay of an EasyJet flight on the morning of 30th May. Passengers were forced to the entire time inside the aircraft till engineers were ..
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