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EasyJet Flight Delayed Over Boarding Card Problems Posted on July, 28 2017 by

A flier at Manchester Airport had to be escorted away by authorities after boarding an EasyJet flight with a pass that belonged to a friend. However, authorities are still trying to understa..
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Did Your Flight at Edinburgh Airport Get Delayed Because of the Power Cut? Here’s How You Can Claim Compensation Posted on July, 21 2017 by

If you’ve been following the latest news of flight cancellations and delays, you are likely to have heard about the recent delays at Edinburgh Airport. The delays were said to have been ca..
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Delay Kings: UK Airports with the Most Delays in 2017 Posted on July, 14 2017 by

According to a recent survey, it has been found that one out of five flights from the UK is delayed by over 30 minutes. The analysis found that around 38,000 international flights out of 199..
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British Airways Ruins Couple’s Wedding Night Posted on July, 7 2017 by

Thanks to a number of issues plaguing their travel plans, a newly married couple was forced to spend the wedding night at an airport terminal. Matthew and Natalie Hogg were scheduled to fly ..
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